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Research papers on business communication


You can download the sample Quality management essay on Business Communication CIS with the following question for free at the end of this page.

Athletes autobiographies Media Management. If you are unable to upload, notify the course leader of the issue so that it may be resolved so that you can upload the assessment. Figure 7 is extremely conclusive for two of the study issues, the reports made by companies and the method of direct communication via web pages. Wiley InterScience, vol. Papers People.
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Ielts academic writing task 1 describing a process Even in Romania [8,15,24,28,42], studies on CSR are becoming more numerous and the concept has become extremely attractive. Key findings of the study refer to the fact that there are concerns regarding CSR activities, but communication is not seen in isolation, it is a part of the action. Essay articles confederation failed discourse has been further intensified when English is used as a global business lingua franca-a common It is a goal-oriented process that seeks to provide a mutual exchange of understanding. This is especially true in the case of very large companies such as Westpac which is one of the largest corporations in Australia and employs more than 30, people. We propose methods for how to derive the optimal trajectory of access points for a dual homed session in a multi operator multi technology wireless environment where the service continuity of the radio conditions is basis for the handover decisions.
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The use of social media for external context such as the purposes of marketing could be noted in various literature sources but the implementation of the resource for communication in the internal context is associated with the needs for establishing a comprehensive support network that can be accessed by the employees for accomplishing their allocated tasks and responsibilities through coordinated measures Piller, Therefore companies are interested in collecting information and feedback from customers regarding the different transactions of customers with the brand and general attitudinal data that can be leveraged for accomplishing the objective of improving customer experience Sadia, et al.

However, various indications have suggested a prominent disparity between the collection of feedback and implementing necessary action according to the feedback which can be attributed to the lack of an integrated, systematic and organized process or framework for making use of collected feedback. The definition of customer feedback implies the possibilities for distinct forms but is generally obtained through surveys that can be conducted through various channels such as telephonic, online, mail or personal surveys.

The surveys are generally focused on dimensions of customer experience that could be substantially critical for customer satisfaction and loyalty Samovar, et al. The lack of customer feedback could be a major setback for planning and develop strategic approaches for product and service improvement and it is not necessary that the lack of availability of customers for obtaining feedback would always be responsible for this.

In certain cases, the inappropriate treatment of the feedback data could render it irrelevant for obtaining valid insights to develop a necessary plan of action. Shen, et al. However, the reports are complex to understand thereby leading to setbacks in the implementation of an action plan to leverage customer feedback for improving products and services. Another potential reason for which feedback cannot be used to the advantage of the organization is identified in the superfluous complications associated with the process of executing the feedback in action.

This factor could be largely attributed to the time taken for decision making from the available feedback which also implies delays in implementing action plans. Therefore a client-centric business has to be dependent on the dynamics of customer feedback management as a mandatory strategic approach through which it can accomplish the objectives of improving customer experience Sorrells, Customer Feedback Management: The process of customer feedback management has to be associated with the mandatory implications towards systematic gathering of customer feedback data, critical analysis of data and interpretable dissemination of the feedback alongside information regarding follow-up actions.

For example, in context of marketing objectives, the customer feedback has to be directed towards development of marketing solutions tailored to the target audience and the definition of a message that could resonate with the audience. In the case of service objectives, the customer feedback is used to determine whether the products and service offerings, as well as support provided by the organization, are able to address customer expectations.

Symbols are reflective of images, gestures, objects,and language that are recognized in specific cultures. The element of Rituals reflects on the mandatory activities that are exercised at free will in a particular culture and can be defined in examples of religious customs or expressing respect to other people. These three facets are considered visible element of culture while the aspect of values forms the core component of culture and is generally vested in the preferences or tendencies of people to act in specific manners according to difference in situations.

Influence of Culture on Perception: The influence of culture on perception of an individual is identified through the three phases of the process of perception that include selection, organization,and interpretation. Selection aspect of perception is vested in the perception for similar stimuli in a foreign environment that can be considered as responsible for the difficulties in understanding new languages that are different from the native language of the receiver.

Interpretation is another notable determinant of the effectiveness of intercultural communication as similar situations, gestures or actions can be perceived differently by various people. High context culture is defined explicitly through the surrounding environment without the requirement for description while low context culture is dependent on communication through verbal communication. The low context cultures are highly dependent on detailing and specificity of verbal messages thereby leading to appreciation for verbal abilities in low context cultures.

On the other hand, in the case of high context cultures, sensitivity towards nonverbal messages is profoundly observed and messages are generally presented in the physical context or through internalization in the person. Conclusion: The assessment presented an introductory statement for the tasks that would be undertaken in the report with prominent emphasis on the scope and primary objective of the report alongside a description of the case of the multinational organization that is considered for evaluation.

Then the report presents a literature review that helps in evaluation of the issues in communication encountered by the organization that leads to development of suitable recommendations that are presented in the final section of the report. Recommendations: Based on the inferences derived from analysis of the issues encountered by the multinational corporation with respect to business communication, different recommendations can be suggested individually for the three issues evaluated in this assessment.

Reference List Adnan, N. Apparaju, H. Asante, M. The global intercultural communication reader. Ayob, A. Effective Communication in Business. Journal of Modern Languages, 9 1 , Bennett, M. Developmental model of intercultural sensitivity. The International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication, Breakenridge, D.

Buenviaje, M. Quarterly Journal of Business Studies, 2 4 , Hall, R. Pearson UK. Haslinda, A. Holmes, W. Communication: Empirically testing behavioral integrity and credibility as antecedents for the effective implementation of motivating language. International Journal of Business Communication, 54 1 , House, J. Moving across languages and cultures in translation as intercultural communication. In Translational action and intercultural communication pp.

Jandt, F. An introduction to intercultural communication: Identities in a global community. Sage Publications. Manisaligil, A. Journal of Management Education, 40 6 , Martin, J. Intercultural communication in contexts.

Mindess, A. Reading between the signs: Intercultural communication for sign language interpreters. Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Nabi, N. Arabian J Bus Manag Review, 7 , 2. Neuliep, J. Intercultural communication: A contextual approach. Piller, I. Intercultural communication: A critical introduction. When working at a business, tone goes together with communication, which affects consumers, patrons, and it controls the interaction with the employees.

Communication is something that everyone does in all places. Even though everyone exchanges words it does not mean I will not always understand what everyone is saying by body language or by conversation. When working with different people, I will have diverse ways of thinking and see things in different ways.

In a nursing home, residences have to be well taken care of and to do this nurses and other staff are obligated to be caring of all their needs with the experience and education they have inquired as well as their behavior and uniqueness and using the right language and tone. If nurses and other workers can do this with the highest standard of achievement when using language and tones, client approval will be better and the business will flourish as a completely.

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Among these, critical services put the highest requirement on service Among these, critical services put the highest requirement on service continuity, i. Multi homing can be used to increase the service continuity. We propose methods for how to derive the optimal trajectory of access points for a dual homed session in a multi operator multi technology wireless environment where the service continuity of the radio conditions is basis for the handover decisions.

The phrase 'English for development' is frequently uttered in policy discourse in many non-English-speaking developing countries. This discourse has been further intensified when English is used as a global business lingua franca-a common This discourse has been further intensified when English is used as a global business lingua franca-a common language for global communication among business personnel who speak different first languages.

However, how English language plays an influential role in empowering business personnel whose mother tongue is not English and how English as a language continues to promote their businesses to warrant economic development have been relatively under-researched in language enquiry. Applying a qualitative study approach, this chapter attempts to understand the role of English as a means of empowerment for international business and business personnel in Bangladesh and how it contributes to economic development.

Data have been gathered through in-depth interviews from three cohorts of business personnel engaged in three tiers of communication in the ready-made garments RMG business sector in Bangladesh. Findings reveal that English language skills empower business individuals and organisations and create opportunities of achieving material gains in the form of suitable jobs, position, salary and status, which in turn contribute to the country's economic growth, poverty reduction and overall sustainable development.

Owing to an expanding world business and economy, English has become the biggest and most important business lingua franca and plays an important role in communication in multilingual settings. It is argued that in the interactions It is argued that in the interactions among English as a lingua franca ELF speakers, misunderstandings are not frequent because ELF speakers are considered creative and innovative.

For effective communication, they use different pragmatic strategies of communication. Drawing on theoretical insights from the notion of strategic competence within communicative competence, this chapter looks at different pragmatic strategies — both verbal and nonverbal — that are used to compensate for communication breakdowns in the Ready-made Garments RMG business setting located in Bangladesh, the third largest exporter in the world.

Based on a qualitative study involving 29 RMG industries in Bangladesh, this chapter shows how business professionals in the RMG industry use pragmatic strategies to overcome difficulties when communication breakdown happens due to limitations of one or more competences. Findings show that RMG business professionals use a number of pragmatic strategies, for example, achievement strategies, time gaining strategies, interactional strategies, speech and proactive strategies to continue to communicate and negotiate meaning in the context.

From the insights gained from this empirical study, the most persistent patterns in communication in a global business setting are identified. View Comments. Research in technical communication; A bibliographic sourcebook. Racial Incidents at the University of Missouri. Une Nouvelle Place pour le francais au Senegal? A New Place for French in Senegal? To be more specific, they would like to add one more Research in the field of risk and crisis communication indicates that large disasters not only cause distress among those affected by a crisis situation but also among the wider public.

It is known that feelings of anxiety and dread are It is known that feelings of anxiety and dread are rooted in a heuristic interpretation of the situation, and that this leads to elevated stress levels in both the individual and the collective. To tackle this phenomenon, this research looks to communication practices as a way of dealing with this issue during a crisis. In our work, we inverted that logic by introducing a crisis communication strategy Book Reviews : Professional Speech Writing.

Joan M. Etzel and Michael Mason. Computer-mediated communication: Implications for ESP1. Intercultural communication in Asynchronous Discourse: The Malaysian experience. By using Matsumoto et al. The working definition of intercultural communication, in this study, is based on the works of Kramsch [11] and Asuncion-Lande [2] which include communication between genders and social groups as intercultural communication. As identity is not stable in online interaction, this study regards that even when online participants are not conscious of the people they are interacting with, it is still intercultural.

In conducting the present study, qualitative data is collected from an online news portal. Despite the general restrictions of DCT as a method of data collection, we suggest utilizing data and results derived from their analysis in the context of courses of intercultural business communication and of business language courses.

Practical Approaches to the Teaching of Business English. The COVID pandemic has forced companies to respond to the threat of this risk and innovate in corporate governance. In order to reduce the risk of illness, one of the most applied measures by all companies was social distancing, but to In order to reduce the risk of illness, one of the most applied measures by all companies was social distancing, but to avoid human interaction, companies had to adapt their communication strategies.

The objective of the paper is to assess the risk management of Romanian-listed companies associated with COVID focusing on their business communication with shareholders and stakeholders. To emphasis the communication we have chosen to analyze all public reports during the state of emergency of the companies listed on the main market at the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The empirical analysis consists of a panel data econometric model using maximum likelihood random-effects regression and a logistical regression to highlight the correlations between the dependent variables Public Reports and Business Continuity Plan and the analyzed independent variables. The companies that communicated the most were the ones belonging to the premium trading category, and the number of published reports was influenced by the communication evaluation indicator, profitability and by the announcement of the donations made.

Vasile-Petru Hategan. Pioneered by the Harvard Business School, case studies simulate real-life situations in Pioneered by the Harvard Business School, case studies simulate real-life situations in which students must respond critically to complex issues.

The case method has become a widespread pedagogy across business education with the exception of business communication, which has not yet fully explored this method. This article offers a brief history and description of case method pedagogy, a sample case in which students must respond to a challenging letter of complaint, and ideas for integrating this case into a business communication course. Responding effectively to customer feedback on Twitter: A mixed methods study of webcare styles [Applied Linguistics].

Social media offer an unprecedented opportunity for companies to interact more closely with customers and market their products and services. But social media also present reputational risks as negative word-of-mouth can spread more But social media also present reputational risks as negative word-of-mouth can spread more quickly and widely through these platforms than ever before. This study investigates how companies respond to customer complaints on Twitter.

We propose an innovative mixed methods approach i to identify the key features that mark the styles used by a sample of companies in their replies to customers and ii to determine the most effective strategies for responding to complaints. Our results reveal that an affective style, expressed through devices such as stance markers, emphatics and amplifiers, elicits the most positive response from complainants, regardless of the formality of the message.

The study advances our understanding of the features and effects of corporate social media discourse. It also provides business communication practitioners with linguistically grounded insights that can inform the development of appropriate strategies for dealing with negative word-of-mouth online.

It started with the overcrowded scenes in the streets, beaches and sub ways. It shows how over-populated world functions and It shows how over-populated world functions and how government rules and control their citizens. Il contributo riporta i risultati di un'analisi web condotta nel per comprendere bisogni e aspettative delle aziende in relazione ai professionisti della comunicazione.

The current VUCA condition due to the pandemic situation has compelled businesses to re-orient their processes and strategies. Along with that, the dynamic socio-cultural-ethico-political environment of the millennium has compelled Along with that, the dynamic socio-cultural-ethico-political environment of the millennium has compelled businesses to rethink their operations and reach.

We went through your profile and we feel that your research in the field of consumer self-identity and consumer psychology will enlighten the knowledge of other participants, researchers, industrialists, and students. Based on big data, business English teaching mode is a reform of traditional teaching mode.

It comprehensively records the teaching process through real-time data sharing. This paper discusses the application of "big data" in business This paper discusses the application of "big data" in business English teaching design, teaching content, teaching methods and teaching evaluation.

It is proposed that business English teaching mode under the background of big data can fully mobilize autonomy and creativity, which is conducive to deepening classroom teaching reform, carrying out all-round independent learning, strengthening daily teaching management, optimizing talent training mode and promoting educational informatization reform.

In his classic book, Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes, Irving Janis observed that when members view staying in a team as highly desirable, they tend to seek mutual agreement rather than express contrarian In his classic book, Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes, Irving Janis observed that when members view staying in a team as highly desirable, they tend to seek mutual agreement rather than express contrarian views that may alienate peers, especially authority figures.

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