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Byu premedical coursework email accompanying cv and cover letter

Byu premedical coursework

These documents will answer many questions and then the advisement appointment can be better used to personalize your preparation, answer more unique or difficult questions, etc. We also ask that you attend one of our prehealth workshops which are listed here. Many if not most of your general questions will be answered in the workshop. This enables us to use our one-on-one appointments to answer more specific questions you may have.

Pre-Professional Advisement Center. Physician Assistant. Premed at BYU We're here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a physician. Premedical Advisors. Kye Barnett. David Kaiser. Paul Kay. Physician Mentor Emphasis on M. Contact Paul: paul. Information for Students Preparing for Medical School. Motivation for Medicine. Why do you want to be a doctor? Premedical Coursework. See what classes you need to take Choosing a Major.

What major should I choose and does it matter? Helpful Premed Courses. Becoming a competitive applicant. We have students every year who are accepted medical school with traditional life science and physical science majors biology, neuroscience, exercise science, physics, chemistry, etc.

However, you need to realize that medical schools do require specific academic preparation courses in biological and physical sciences no matter what you major in. These requirements are listed here. We encourage students to approach choosing a major just like any other student would: Do you enjoy the discipline? Do you have an aptitude for it? Can you do well? Do you like the careers associated with this major?

If you decide not to go to medical school, or do not get in, are there opportunities in this area that you would be excited about? We often call this parallel preparation--while preparing for medical school, also prepare for a career outside of medicine in case you change your mind or are not accepted.

Once you've decided on a major then visit your college advisement center and create a graduation plan within that major. Once you have that in place, we can help you determine how to best fit your premedical coursework within that major graduation plan.


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The Preprofessional Advisement Center will then be able to assist you in planning out specific prerequisite courses and other premedical preparation. Below is a. and other premedical preparation. Below is a list of BYU coursework that, generally, fulfills prerequisites for most medical schools. This is not a. We do this by helping you understand the coursework and extracurricular preparation that you need to complete in order to become a competitive applicant.