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Montessori resume samples


You know how to give lessons on all of the materials, and you can quickly identify sensitive periods in the life of a child. Whether you are a certified guide in the Children's House, upper elementary, lower elementary, or even middle and high school, you need an outstanding Montessori teacher resume to be considered for your next job. Although your Montessori albums and education portfolio are vital elements of your application, your resume is the first window into your philosophy, training, and experience that the head of school will see.

Think of it as the key that has the potential to unlock a door to an interview. If you are struggling to write a resume that opens doors, have a look at our resume sample and writing tips. We have created them to help you understand what to include and how to format your Montessori guide resume. Build My Resume. Use This montessori teacher Resume Template.

Build your resume in 15 minutes Use professional field-tested resume templates that follow the exact resume rules employers look for. Use This Template Awesome. Use This Template Contemporary. Use This Template Creative. Use This Template Cool. Use This Template Simple. As such hiring managers frown upon resumes with photos. Do not include a headshot in your Montessori Teacher resume.

All sections of your resume are important but your greatest focus should be on the main ones. Optional sections are supposed to boost your resume and improve your chances of getting hires. These include the following:. The idea of a resume is to provide as much relevant information in as few words as possible. Recruiters do not have the time to read lengthy resumes.

A one-Letter Page 8. However, if you are vastly experienced, two pages are allowed to give you enough space to clearly outline your career path. The sections of your resume should tell the same story. Create a uniform Montessori Teacher resume where all sections match. The skills section for example should not mismatch with the education or work experience sections.

The work experience section is the best indicator of the achievements you have made and skills you have gained in your career. You must provide recruiters with exhaustive detail of your Montessori teaching experience and the responsibilities you have undertaken.

If you have experience in both regular and Montessori education, you ought to separate the two experiences so as to draw attention to the relevant experience. If you only have experience teaching in a regular education environment, you should highlight Montessori related teaching methods and achievements you have made in your past jobs. Include responsibilities that you may have taken on beyond your job description to prove your passion and dedication as an educator.

It is even more advantageous if these additional responsibilities promote Montessori principles. Just like in the regular education environment, teaching credentials are required in order to legally work as a Montessori Teacher.

The degree does not have to be in education and the Montessori courses take a year or less. List all your relevant academic qualifications with the main focus being on those on Montessori education. Specify your area of expertise depending on your certification. This could be any age range from infant to secondary levels.

In this section, you get to highlight the teaching methods that you are most skilled in using. When applying for a Montessori teaching position, you will want to emphasize your skills related to this education style. Some of these skills include: student behavior management, play-base teaching, individualized instruction, classroom management and student-centered teaching. To market yourself further, you should also include general soft skills that include: Empathy, flawless pronunciation, strong work ethic, IT proficiency and time management skills.

Chronological format is highly recommended Combination resume format is perfect if you have minimal work experience or gaps in your career. Consider the following design tips and ideas: Organize your sections and space them with margins Use subheadings and bullets to breakup information Use formal font and layout. Use this template.

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Finally one must highlight the teaching experience of the candidate, especially any prior Montessori experience. The sample Montessori teachers resume given below is a perfect example of a well written profile. This sample focuses on the teaching and generic skills, languages known, education and experience of the candidate which will help you out shine the competition when you apply for a job.

You can use this sample given below to create a professional looking teacher resume that will help you impress employers and help you get the job. Boost your career by using these resumes as a reference when writing your profile. Montessori Teacher Sample Resume 1. Montessori Teacher Sample Resume 2. Montessori Teacher Sample Resume 3.

Montessori Teacher Sample Resume 4. Montessori Teacher Sample Resume 5. Toggle navigation. Description : Give grace and courtesy lessons and individual presentations to children. Outline projected routine of the day, including any special activities.

Guiding a child's research and exploration, capitalizing on interests and excitement about a subject. To make sure that at any one time in a day, subjects like - math, language, science, history, geography, art, music are being studied at all levels. Double check all learning materials and remove the items that need repair replacement or cleaning.

Confer with the assistant teacher to compare observations, discuss relevant points in. Montessori theory, exchange ideas or alternate ways to cope with a given child. Montessori Teacher Resume Objective : With over 4 years of experience in the field of Montessori Education as a Montessori Teacher is seeking to obtain a position which will enable me to use my knowledge and experience to educate the children to the best of my ability, and always adopt and implement new and innovative ways of teaching that will enhance the School Curriculum.

Description : Participated in professional activities designed by the school, which include workshops, meetings, grade reporting, planning and other professional pursuits. Prepare an environment conducive to learning and social and academic development. Demonstrate rapport with students by ensuring kindness and respect for each individual student.

Use various assessment tools to evaluate each students capabilities within the classroom. Establish a positive relationship with parents by ensuring regular and positive communication. Be observant to different requirements and plan activities accordingly. Take care of sick and injured children and informing parents about the kind of care they needed. Description : Creating an instruction that supports the development of the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth of the child.

Using the school curriculum, Montessori albums, and current research-based instructional practices to develop interdisciplinary units of instruction that meet both the group and individual needs of students. Maintaining an on-going dialogue with specialty teachers and coordinating curriculum integration and implementation with these teachers. Working with students of various abilities assigned to the classroom, including those with learning differences as diagnosed.

To help make instructional decisions for individual students. Building a friendly relationship with children and guiding them in completing daily tasks. Description : Working with interdisciplinary team members to evaluate children's progress and recommend appropriate learning plans. Addressing behavioral and learning issues with parents and management. Monitoring students educational progress with individual charts and files.

Identifying signs of emotional and developmental problems in children and reported to parents. Assisting and supervising children through the entire school day. Give one-on-one attention to children while maintaining overall focus on the entire group. Helping children build confidence and try accomplishing activities on their own. Description : Developing age-appropriate thematic lesson plans to aid child learning.

Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe classroom as well as track the progress of the child. Communicating with parents about classroom curriculum and participated in parent programs that helped develop an understanding of the Montessori curriculum. Assisting child in the day to day activities like providing snacks, washing, and toileting with the assistant teacher.

Planning daily, and weekly activities for children and monitoring their involvement. Montessori Teacher Resume Objective : Caring Montessori Teacher with 4 years of experience, and implementing activities to promote physical social-emotional and intellectual growth of children. Description : Give one-on-one attention to children while maintaining overall focus on the entire group. Use classroom observations to create written assessments of student performance.

Nurture a supportive learning environment to foster individual creativity learning and development. Worked with interdisciplinary team members to evaluate children's progress and recommend appropriate learning plans. Fostered reasoning and problem solving through active exploration games and activities. Identified signs of emotional and developmental problems in children and reported to parents. Act as a model for children to follow, guide them through the day while providing freedom within limits.