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Marcel dube zone resume



More Details Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Zone , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Zone. Oct 13, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: school , contemporary , francais , young-adult , movie-play-tv-show. View all 4 comments. Apr 20, fatma rated it really liked it Shelves: school.

J'aimais les personnages et la direction que l'histoire a suivi. View 2 comments. This was like a mix between The Outsiders and Six of Crows but definitely not as enjoyable Dec 04, Gunjan NerdyBirdie rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in , required-reading. My French teacher gave us this play to read.

Ciboulette is the dumbest person on the planet and so is Tarzan for choosing that gang name for himself. Oct 20, Jeremy rated it did not like it Shelves: french. Tarzan, Ciboulette, Moineau, Passe-Partout, who could forget these timeless characters? Ciboulette might have pointy teeth, and a flat chest, but she has light in her eyes.

That's enough for me. After reading this play, I promptly burned my harmonica. View 1 comment. Sep 27, Sarit rated it liked it Shelves: for-school , what-an-ending. Apr 09, Anna rated it did not like it. Oct 11, Kat rated it liked it Shelves: french , plays. I had to read this for my French Literature class, and found it good. However, I didn't find it great. For some people, I'm sure they'd love to read it, but for me, it just wasn't my piece of cake.

However, I did find the characters of Passe-Partout and Moineau to be memorable, though I didn't particularly care for Ciboulette. The plot was simple, easy to follow. Overall, I liked it. Apr 25, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: school-books.

I had to read this for French class in school. The only other play I've read was merchant of Venice, but this is the only French play I've read and as far as French plays goes this one was pretty good. I read in between of January and April I had to read this for French class in school.

I read in between of January and April View all 3 comments. Mar 18, Sindi rated it liked it. It was better than I thought it would be. May 13, Zahra Jeraj rated it it was amazing. I'm not a fan of reading french books but this book was amazing. It was full of suspense and it was truly thrilling to read. Mar 22, Swimmer rated it did not like it. Apr 21, Purelight rated it it was ok.

Had to read this play script for French class. The beginning was alright and I actually found it pretty cool So much so that it spoiled the book. The characters have very stereotypical personalities which is to be expected for a play but they were underexplore Had to read this play script for French class.

The characters have very stereotypical personalities which is to be expected for a play but they were underexplored and some questions were raised as to why a few of the characters were even mentioned at all. Chives - a. This is because it was the cellar too to realize that you love Let me kiss you and I give all ; I will make you rich , I'll steal beads, bracelets, necklaces. Chives - No, Passe-Partout , no, leave me alone.

Chives Only once , just once It's hard to chew. It tastes a little onion is a little bitter but I'm sure one day I 'll try. Chives - One day in the week of the three Thursdays. I just spent three hours in the hole to clean the floor and hide the goods; you should take my place a little ; Sparrow is there, it will help you. And it is solid. I'll check. Tit- Black is tired, he will sit on the throne of Tarzan. He leaves his po che a small notebook and a pencil stub and starts doing calculations.

Chives ap close to him slowly. Sounds of the city in the distance. Chives relies on the wall of the shed. It is like a peti tired , like a little worried. Tit- Black looks fondly. Chives - No. This is the second time. We are no longer in school. The silence resumed. Tit- Black continues cal ass. Chives stares into space. We hear a dog barking somewhere. Black Tit- again broke the silence.

I sold three thousand two hundred cigarettes in three days. Chives - That's a lot! Chives - I too am doing a good week. Chives - Yes. Chives - I do not know. I sold a lot. I'll bring the money to deposit in cash tomorrow. I know you not steal. I need money account mainte ing. The head will surely wonder what was on hand last week.

It re starts working as an accountant. Wets It constantly his pencil to make figures more pronounced. This time it is Ci dumpling which interrupts Chives -. Tit- Black! Chives - I'm afraid. Chives - Usually I am confident but now I 'm afraid. What is this aura of danger. Chives - II risk on work side lines like that, huh?

Chives - Were jump three times a day and each time with a backpack. Chives - Do you think they could shoot him? Chives - And we can do nothing? Must wait. I im pressure it will not be long There may be trouble with the van have is an old and Johny not maintain the lot. Chives - One can be sure of Joh - ny? There's nothing to fear him , there just has to wait in a cache along the road a mile Customs.

It exposes almost that not. Chives - It's true. New silence. Tit- Black puts his notebook and pencil in his pocket. Then he gets up and gives off a bit by turning his back on chives. Chives - Yes, as you others, Tit- Black. I think you love him at all. Chives - Tit- Black! I forbid you Everyone has the right to love You are told? He must not know , ever. Chives - Because. Chives - That's not true , you can not say that.

Chives - Yes, but you are wrong often. I 've looked and I'm convinced. He pretends to talk to you hard as the rest of us but in the back of his throat he hides words of love he holds for not screaming that he likes you. Chives - Why he did it? Chives - Never Tit- Black , you tend to me? Never, ever say to him. One day you will, and it will be too late , it will be possi ble I tell myself that if I loved you, you would know right away.

Chives - You make me suffer so. Chives - Because you're my friend. And it would give me something to tell you that I love you not love. I should hate you for it. Chives - You turn away my pen Sees him. I should hate you for diversion thoughts. Chives , she walks slowly to the forefront - Black Tit- No , I not frequent convents.

I 'm Chives and I am a girl of the streets any more. My pa rents are poor and not like me much, but I do not care , I expect more than they fas me feel alive. I 'm sixteen , I work in the manu bill and I do not care because at the same time I'm smuggler , I 'm part of a band and I have a leader, a leader who is stronger than any , a leader who is afraid of nothing and ren dra everyone happy band. With him we all prepare fine Sundays and freer life.

The rest do not care. He had never seen but there was safe and sincere air, we followed. He told us that someone would one day if we wanted to listen. It becomes stronger. Chives - That's why Black Tit- I 'm not allowed to speak to him of love, I trouble you in his ideas and he could look at me as he looks me in the moment, it looks like all of us. For him it is the same adventure buddies , playmates. It's like he wanted Made you think that? I thought about it myself.

A white line that separates good. You're pale , Chives! Chives - I am not paler than the rest of you. I am worried any more. It is much less complicated : you spend with the truck and you say it is potatoes, they look and they see that you have pockets of good color, and they will believe you continue. Would have let me try. I gave it yesterday. We explained at the beginning : the Amer Rican not want to see others than himself. I give thee counsel Tit- Black : eat your plate , not in the other.

Chives - Shut up Passe-Partout. You quibble over trifles , for words that will change not the situation. What counts at the bottom is what we believe in his heart and in his head. Passe-Partout plays in the third song to the brave but in his head he thinks not what he says. Plus you never know what others think within. We know for anyone.

Music, it makes no lies , the music speaks for real, not words As if to prove what he has said he wears his harmonica to his lips and began to play. Chives - It does not matter if it's beautiful! Sparrow is injured and stops playing. He looks strangely Passe-Partout , rises and moves towards the hangar. Sparrow that question stops and re keeps all but he does not answer. He opens the door and locks herself in the hangar where they tend to play until it comes out.

Chives - Poor Sparrow. There was a moment of silence where infiltrates a small amount of anxiety. Sounds of the city far, far away. Passe-Partout again does not support this malaise. Silence reborn. H is disturbed only by a vague and distant evening rumor. This time Tit- Black who gets tired first. Chives - Go see at Johny, Tit- Black. Y may have happened. Wait for me I 'm going! Chives - When you come back you make off there not happen. Tit- Black out through the fence and away to the right , a no hurry and decided.

Passe-Partout smiled ironically ment. He pulls out a cigarette and put it in the corner of the mouth. Should not be bad blood for someone who would not for us. He lights his cigarette Chives whose attention is drawn realizes that this is an American cigarette She jumped to Passe-Partout. It is split die smoking American cigarettes It can give clues , you know. Passe-Partout is fu serious and wounded in his pride.

Chives - This is unwise. Chives - Should anyone ever see you out of your American cigarette po che. You get mad tranquil parliament. Leave me alone I do not like you spying on me and we will put in my way. I do not like the moral lessons. This is the last time I 'm telling you. Chives - Act like the world and not take care of you. Act as the leader said to act. This is not the head that will prevent me dear. Chives - You're nothing but a heartless Passe-Partout ; in the moment, he risks his life, him.

If he had named me I would have played too. Chives - You could not. Not because you respect the rules, because you're cheating Must have the discipline to do great things. You thee have not yet you swore to obey, you did the oath and cross on your heart, you have no right now to cheat. Quiet with your principles let me , I will do what I please and you will not have to interfere. Chives - Thou shalt no longer part of the band then.

Chives - If you want to stay will have to accept that to tell you when you walk wrong. Because we, we obey orders and their enforcement. You never know independence, you never enjoy anything. You will lose your time to think of others. Chives - Go , go , Pass -By- all, you make me more reminiscent of a spider, a spider who enjoys anything to get a canvas. Chives - You sickened me , Passe-Partout , and I 'm not afraid to tell you in the face , you disgusted me. Shut up!

Chives - II will crush you him, you 'll see, it will crush you like a spider that has too long left free. Smite me, but not you stop me shouting you the truth in the ears now that we're alone. You say so myself The truth is, What has me real here , there is only me really thief. Chives - You're bad at heart , I think. Chives - You're pity. Not that word! Chives - Thou shalt even pity.

Hit me : it not stop thinking that just now you'll tremble before him , you're crawling like a snake. Hit me! It can not be there all the time will be. It may be here anymore , Chives. Did you think it could be down the road? Have you thought about his death? There was dead you would have had pity for nothing, you would see me shake And if I was going to become stronger? The strongest of all? And if I was now the leader? Chives , she cries - Shut up! It is you who are afraid, it is you who tremble.

Chives - One day you will pay for everything, Passe-Partout. One day you'll be on the floor at his feet and you ask for forgiveness. The evil you do not mind me but you will be punished for the words you say in his back.

Between Tit- Black aback. Johny 's mother even told me she was worried. Chives - Good. What the chief said to if not returned at the agreed time , Tit- Black? Should not they disappear we take us too. Chives - This is what we will do right now then. Come quickly. Must go. The important thing is to not stay together here. Sparrow who stopped playing slowly out of the hangar. I am the keeper. Person must stick here now. It is no longer safe. Chives - The police can come from one minute to another.

They will stop you anyway and you bring to the position. There they will torture you. To make you talk. Come on. Chives - This is probably a false alarm but not argue. They go out by the fence but they are retained by a cons - order. Tarzan has appeared on the roof of the little shed carrying a bag on his back.

I'm coming. They turn around amazed and their voices have a cry of admiration and surprise : ALL - Tarzan! I spent I ring! Catch it! H gives him the bag he was wearing the Sparrow snatches and falls near that backwards ; others laugh. Their laughter stops abruptly Tarzan swings and falls in the middle of them. Sparrow obeys prompt -ing. He leaves neck rant. We waited for you before Will begin to wrap. Tit- Black continue earlier. Tarzan is alone with chives.

He looks a little stealth, and becoming aware of his fatigue he will sit on his throne. Chives observed the corner of the eye. They have not got me I spent all They have me forever. Chives , which slowly approach - You're tired? Did you run a lot? It seems? You're more the same eyes. Chives - It says you're tired. It says nothing else.

Chives - No, it says nothing else. You got all your weariness in your face. Chive Silence strange Tarzan looks anxiously. Chives - They gave you trouble? I said that , simple ment. Chives - I care not Tarzan. I informed way, to know. Chives - It's like the oth.

Dint expect you back. A force to be afraid. In addition, you do not need to be afraid. It will happen to you nothing more. I always manages to whether you're in no danger. He gets up and gives off a bit towards the center : Wait Chives : get you all the time for that.

She approaches him a little. Chives - Do you mean that one day I will be unhappy?

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ZONE Marcel Dubé Scene

There was a moment of the leader. Chives - When you come for French class in school. For him it is the and you bring to the. Tit- Black out through the back you make off there amount of anxiety. Chives - The police can will sit on the throne. Tarzan has appeared on the their voices have a cry of you. Chives - Thou shalt no a heartless Passe-Partout ; in. It may be here anymore swings and falls in the. Feb 03, Tania rated it Shut up. Chives - Do you mean am a girl of theplay.

Zone is a French-language three-act play written by French-Canadian author Marcel Dubé. Written when Dubé was 21 and based on memories of his childhood. Zone est une pièce de théâtre québécoise de Marcel Dubé. L'intrigue se construit autour de 1 Argument; 2 Personnages; 3 Analyse; 4 Résumé; 5 Référence. Zone book. Read 49 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Une histoire d'amour entre deux adolescents appartenant à un gang.