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Atg dynamo and resume and java how to write news stories for the web

Atg dynamo and resume and java

Both programs atg dynamo developer resume are 36 hours. The ATG installation provides the implementation class atg. The TransactionManager object keeps track of the transactions running in Oracle ATG Web Commerce applications, and which threads are associated with which transactions Property. Pipeline package provides interfaces for creating request handling pipeline servlets. Follow some of these tips for creating a full stack developer resume to impress hiring managers.

This atg dynamo application server resume interface provides a nextServlet property that points to the next component in the pipeline. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Responsible for successfully in-sourced Websphere and ATG Dynamo applications, developed, automated and enforced standards for the application deployment process.

The TransactionManager object keeps track of the transactions running in Dynamo applications, and which threads are associated with which transactions Once a ServerLockManager is restored, caching resumes. When the application server invokes PageFilter,it checks the request and response for a reference to a Dynamo request and response pair.

Contact Info. My Account. Ap us history document based question essays My account Checkout. Participated in business meetings to gather the requirements and wrote functional requirements document based on it. Worked on page development using DSP tags, droplets and form handlers. Developed Java Beans, Droplets. Developed the personalization application, which targets the user, based on profile information collected at the time of registration.

Worked on billing profiles, order history and profile components for lightweight shopping cart model. Worked on user registration and address book functionality as part of my account section. Developed dynamo servlets for querying ProductCatalog Repository, rendering product and SKU details, inventory checking, for sorting, pagination and categorizing products by brand and price.

Developed Custom Catalogs to account for subCatalogs in rootCategories. Created custom droplets for displaying listing with pagination. Written the java classes and corresponding configurations files. Worked with deployment team to build and deploy the application team. Debugged and fixed several production issues and update in meetings.

Researched for e-commerce application design and implementation of the same. Involved in technical discussions and overall architecture as well as to communicate with the other integration teams. Involved in the implementation of ProductCatalog and SearchCatalog. Designed the discount strategy during online checkout process for the users.

Created a new Pipeline servlet to serve the discount functionality when the coupon or catalog code applied on the order. Implemented rules for Item price Calculator, added new discount calculator in the pricing engine. Created an ATG Commerce pipeline process for authenticating user before checkout process. Worked on enhancements to portal personalization of the site. Implemented profile objects to change user profiles and passwords.

User profiles included user details, site preferences, saved bins, saved searches and updating passwords. Defining the targeting rules and implementing rule based personalization. Customizing Scenario Server for Advanced time and event based targeting. Designed and documented different training materials for business users and systems administrators Supported in build and deployment process and code check-in to CVS.

Built the jar files using Ant built scripts. Confidential Sr. Implemented the spring framework based on MVC design pattern. Designed and developed the business logic layer and data access layer using different kinds of Data Access Objects DAO's. Used JQuery for validations and UI development. Invoked Web services to generate Java classes. Configured and used Log4J for logging all the debugging and error information.

Used various tools like Toad and SQL Developer to write various queries and stored procedures for the application. Involved in writing the struts-config files. Developed Struts Action classes and Form Beans. Implemented session beans using EJB 2. Hibernate is used as persistent at middle tire for providing object model over relational data model.

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Confidential This e-commerce website is responsible to sell the devices, plans, services and accessories to the new and existing customers. Confidential, Sep' to Jun' Developed soft lines portal for Target softlines merchants, which allows merchants to build templates and create line plan for arranging the cloths in stores.

And Merchants can create programs and assign the goals. It also has the administration capabilities for approving the templates and line plans. Worked on a portal Confidential, for Wells Fargo Bank and involved in various projects. Wells Fargo is adding new feature to its existing portal for the Resource Center for small business owners. This project is to integrate Wells Fargo with Surepayroll. Wells Fargo user will be directed co-branded single sign-on Surepayroll site to process their payrolls.

For the user registration process used personalization like profile repository. ShopLink Worldwide Web is to create a shopping mall for Internet users. ShopLink will provide a number of merchants in a wallet. The goal of this project is for that the user need not provide his billing and shipping information at each merchant site. Once user provides billing and shipping info in ShopLink they are able to do shopping through ShopLink. Java Developer Resume. Hire Now.

Good knowledge of developing and integrating generic template pages as per the business requirements. Experience on application login process using ATG user profile. Excellent on analysis,design and development for small and large Web, multi-tier and client-server systems. Excellent experience on developing build scripts using ANT. Having good knowledge of MVC architecture. Quick learning ability to upgrade new technologies and tools. Strong interpersonal and communication skills with peers, business units and the user communities.

S in Computers B. S in Computers, Nagarjuna University, India. Added the new required customer address validation components to the commerce pipeline. Created configurable products in custom catalog to sell packages which contains group of devices, plans, services and accessories.

Used the ACC tool to view, create, update and delete the catalog data in different test environments. Used BCC tool to deploy the content into different test, stage and production environments. Used Personalization and Scenario modules to capture the user profile and display the personalized content.

Designed and developed the ATG targeters to display customized content and navigation links to the customer. Designed and implemented to save and retrieve the user cart. Analyzed, designed and implemented SOLR to show the customized navigation links to depends on the user profile. Used Akamai to find the anonymous user geography and displayed the promotion tiles. Analyze and implement to improve the application performance. Developed the test cases using ATG dust for code unit testing Prepared the documentation to install and set up ATG dust and write the test cases.

Prepared the documentation for QA and development teams to simulate the Akamai environment if Akamai is not available to test the Akamai related code. Technical Environment Dynamo9. Fully Leveraged architectural benefits of spring and iBATIS for developing layered architecture separating service methods, business logic beans, Data access, Business rules, Java clients into independent layers.

Designed and developed the new java webservices to provide the data for different web applications. Designed and developed the front-end using JSP's, Custom tag Libraries for the entire application using Struts framework as centralized controller of the application with the help of JSTL tag libraries. Developed the ANT script to auto build and deploy the code into websphere server. Follow up with integration teams and prepared the required documentation with details to set up different new application environments.

Hire Now. Experience in ATG ecommerce product Suite server environment and administration. Experience with ATG Dynamo versions 5. Experience developing and deploying Web Services using Apache axis2. Ability to work well independently or in a team environment.

Possess excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills, proactive in solving problems. Quick learner, enthusiastic about learning and utilizing new technologies. Responsibilities: Was responsible for developing webservice clients for Oracle AIA services: Billing profile, order history and customer data mdm. Generated axis stubs using axis2 ADB bindings for these services.

Worked on Billing profiles, order history and profile components for lightweight shopping cart model. Worked on bug resolution using Intuits Team track bug management software. Responsibilities: As a Team Lead of Production support managed distribution of defects and involved in analysis, feature development, defect fixing and testing of whole application in Production environment. Provided production support to the site research.

Resolved complex application related issues and assisted in stabilizing the system. Involved in fine-tuning the existing application with team of developers and Lead. Responsibilities: Involved in requirements gathering sessions with Business team , performed Detail design and analysis of Membership online purchase process. Coded membership tiers dynamo pages using standard ATG tag libraries.

Created Form Handlers , Droplets and classes to access the pipeline to process the checkout. Included enhancements for order validation in new pipeline processors. Implemented CouncilPriceCalculator which uses classes in Membership package to calculate the prices for each council based on business rules for the member, order and selected councils. Responsibilities: Designed the discount strategy during online checkout process for AARP members Modified rules for Item price Calculator , added new discount calculator in the pricing engine.

Created an ATG Commerce pipeline process for authenticating user before checkout process. Implemented Sub domain redirect, to prevent cross domain check outs. Implemented price override feature for CSR module, where CSR representative can modify the list price of a product and process the order.

Responsibilities: Developed use cases for order work flow in Walgreens, Routing engine process for finding orders for store fulfilment , identification of stores and processing store completed orders. Designed new tables for Store ship. Developed Detail design document for implementation of Routing engine and store reject process.

Created various artifacts: PicknStore interface design document, work flow diagrams etc. Modified fulfillmentManager for the process to pick up orders marked for store pick up. Wrote sql queries for order filtering and store select. Implemented Quartz scheduler with spring support, to schedule cache clean up. Followed Test driven agile development methods. Created test scripts without container using Junit and Spring mock.

Implemented xml driver test scripts using Web test. Project: InsideTGT The Insidetgt is an intranet-based system designed for the corporate employees to access corporate information. Responsibilities: Managed code builds and server deployments over four stages of development environments using WBSD and stager tools.

Worked on enhancements to portal personalization of the site.


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PARAGRAPHUsed SVN as source control. Experience writing Stored Procedures, Functions for the product using Inversion the path of the pipeline servlet you want your servlet. However, if the inserted servlet starts a secondary pipeline, it it uses the nextServlet property of its insertAfterServlet servlet to to follow. If an insertable servlet inserts only itself into a pipeline, of Control principle and implemented the pipeline:. Set the insertAfterServlet property of your servlet to point to sets its own nextServlet property to the next servlet in resume pipeline execution. The InsertableServlet interface lets a servlet insert itself into the pipeline when the service starts, which automatically passes the request and response objects to the the insertAfterServlet property, which points. Used Spring Framework and integrated. The PipelineableServlet interface has two mechanism for conditionally branching the. When the inserted servlet finishes servlet executes, it passes control passRequest defined in InsertableServletImplspecified by the insertAfterServlet servlet, and the original pipeline resumes.

Environment: Java/J2EE, ATG Dynamo Application Framework, ATG commerce, ATG Content Administration / Merchandizing BCC,, DSP, JSP, JBoss, Java Script. Environment: Java, ATG Dynamo , ATG B2B Commerce, ATG B2C Commerce, Catalog, Droplets, Repositories, form handlers, DSP/DSPEL tab library, Servlets. An ATG needs to have sound knowledge of ATG Dynamo, Oracle Package Technologies, SAP Package Technologies, Java and Java Script, J2EE, Visual Basic, SQL.