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Grounds maintenance worker sample resume writing cv law school

Grounds maintenance worker sample resume

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Two years general maintenance work experience Ability to communicate effectively with supervisor and coworkers Proficiency in basic plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, plastering and locksmithing Ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics and written and verbal instructions, perform basic math functions, lift and move up to 75 pounds, climb ladders, and stand, walk or stoop extensively Ability to work effectively with individuals from different viewpoints and backgrounds.

Weld various types of metals Read and understand engineering drawings, blueprints, and work from work orders When welding work is not required the individual shall perform deck work as directed by site supervisor. These include repair, replacing, overhauling components and equipment, and adjust, repair or replace electrical wiring systems Candidate shall be required to participate on all At-Sea-Missions averaging 17 days per mission, and totaling 3 to 5 missions per year Candidate while on At-Sea Missions shall be required to perform various tasks at-sea.

Including performing deck and rigging tasks, cooking and preparing meals, cleaning of galley and berthing areas, conducting rounds, and performing emergency repairs Perform all other job related duties as requested or assigned. Change light bulbs, replace fixtures and perform other similar minor electrical tasks Open clogged drains, fix leaks and perform other simple plumbing jobs Complete touch-up painting and repaint rooms as required Perform simple carpentry tasks, such as installilng shelves, hooks or closet rods Perform all duties to properly maintain pools and hot tubs Must have general working knowledge of use of simple equipment used in building trades Ability to read simple instructions and follow simple diagrams Ability to perform simple tasks independently after being given specific instructions.

Maintains and repairs plumbing Performs basic maintenance on electrical pneumatic and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration belt tension or replacement, filter replacement equipment Maintains and repairs office and building interiors and exteriors including carpentry and painting May troubleshoot and test machines and equipment Moves, repositions or sets up equipment or machinery. May move furniture Drives company vehicle to on and offsite locations Responsible for observing all laws, codes, federal, state and local regulations and other applicable obligations wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the Company.

Expected to work in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices May perform industrial mechanic tasks as required Typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent and two or more years progressive experience in facilities maintenance Must demonstrate a full understanding of facilities maintenance principles and concepts Must have full knowledge of and discretion in safely operating hand and power tools and various types of maintenance equipment Must be customer focused and possess.

Works under close supervision with detailed instructions Processes associated paperwork Loads and unloads vehicles of material and equipment, requiring the ability to lift up to 50lbs Participates in relocating office furniture and equipment as required Participates in daily conference room and office build outs, disassembles and set ups May perform limited maintenance on vehicles such as fueling, washing, etc Must demonstrate a basic understanding of facilities maintenance principles and concepts Must be customer focused and possess: 1 a valid California driver's license verified by the DMV; 2 ability to lift heavy objects up to 50 lbs.

Understands and demonstrates knowledge of electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration codes and practices; coordinates work between and with other trades Maintains critical inventory needed to keep operations running; maintains and accounts for tools used Position requires a high school diploma or G.

Maintains and repairs mechanical equipment used within the hospital complex Responsible for being on-call as assigned Performs routine repairs on facility vehicles and ensures fuel tanks are full Maintains the facility grounds, lighting, driveways and parking lots by mowing, trimming and treating grass areas and removing litter Will be provided with appropriate safety items i.

All items are required for performing duties. Basic Computer Skills preferred Organized, able to follow directions Ability to Multitask on various assignments Must be Flexible Ability to work independently and with people Good decision making and communication skills. Plow and complete snow removal on all road systems. Apply sand to Center roads and pathways, and chip ice where hazardous Care for Center lawns to include fertilization, application of herbicides, mowing, watering, and establishment of new lawn areas Care for trees, to include: fertilization, pruning, watering, transplanting, and removal of hazardous or dead trees Design landscaping for shrubs, beds, and hedges.

Care for shrubs by fertilizing, pruning, watering, and application of wood chip mulch Operate, repairs, and maintain a variety of maintenance associated power tools Reorder all parts, supplies, and tools. Track stock and tool inventory. Maintain office record and logs, receive items from the warehouse Collect and dispose of all litter, trash and debris on grounds, streets and parking lots.

Sweep and clean exterior steps, entrances, landings and sidewalks Maintain property with appropriate equipment and materials Perform custodial duties including: floor care, clean and sanitize restrooms and work areas, vacuum, order supplies, wax and strip floors, shampoo carpets, wash walls, windows and woodwork.

Dust furniture and fixtures Maintain Center grounds and dumpster areas free of trash and litter Assist other maintenance staff with necessary maintenance and repairs of Center buildings Perform preventative maintenance and repairs to associated equipment Cultivate and maintain a climate on Center which is free of harassment, intimidation, and disrespect to provide a safe place for staff and students to work and learn Promote student attainment of career success standards through modeling appropriate skills, mentoring students, monitoring skill acquisition and intervening when inappropriate behavior is observed Perform all other duties as requested.

Two years experience with plumbing required Valid driver's license required Knowledge of the various skills and methods in the plumbing trade Proficiency in basic electrical, mechanical, carpentry, and painting Interpersonal competencies in communication, customer focus, and teamwork Ability to communicate effectively with supervisor and co-workers Sound judgment, dependability, accountability, flexibility, initiative, planning, and organizing Ability to read and understand written and verbal instructions, perform basic math functions, lift or move 75 pounds, climb ladders, and stand, walk, or stoop extensively Ability to work effectively with individuals from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

Equipment operations experience - required Able to work under limited supervision - required Valid US driver's license - required Acceptable driving record - required Able to read, speak, write, and comprehend English - required Able to perform minor repairs, maintenance and cleaning of the sweeping machine - required Able to lift and carry 50lbs - required Available for an in-person interview - required. Establishes work schedules. Reviews applications of new applicants, interviews and makes selection.

Determines work priorities, checks work in progress and when finished for compliance with sequence, procedures, methods and deadlines, and urges or advises employees to meet deadlines. Answers workers' questions. Keeps supervisor informed on status and progress of work, causes of delays, overall work operations and problems which require corrective action.

Estimates material and labor costs involving major projects. Prepares daily work sheets which include work assignments, hours spent, and material used May be responsible for the preparation and processing of purchase orders for parts and acesssories for use in repairs, modification of building and equipment, etc.

Obtains supply items for electrical carpentry, plumbing, and painting work for authorized projects Responsible for conducting periodic inventory of supplies and equipment. Accounts for all merchandise in stock and transferred items, etc. Perform repairs and maintenance on boats, buildings and docks Perform some plumbing Troubleshoot and repair major components Perform welding repairs Assist with construction projects when needed Trade Position employees must fully utilize all safety equipment, ensuring proper lifting, bending and carrying techniques are adhered to Understand all machinery, equipment and chemicals used Must be over 18 years of age and able to swim Must have a valid US Driver's License and pass a Motor Vehicle Record history check MVR Pre-employment background and drug test are required for this position.

Substitution: The one year of experience required may be substituted with formalized intensive equipment operation training totaling at least 85 hours. This training must include formal training in the operation of large dump, front end loader and at least one other piece of equipment described above may substitute for the one year of operational experience Operate a snowplow with nose and wing-plow attached, 2 cubic yard loader and other equipment Perform other highway maintenance tasks as assigned Shifts and overtime are assigned on the basis of seniority Overtime is used to round out coverage through early call-in, hold over during the week and call in on weekends and holidays Employees must be available and able to respond within one hour of being called.

Overtime response and shift work are requirements for this job. Therefore, use of vacation and personal leave are limited during the winter but can be used during the summer. Operate a snowplow with nose and wing-plow attached, 2 cubic yard loader, and other equipment 2 primary shifts: Morning am — pm and Afternoon pm — pm hours vary by residency Overtime is used to round out coverage through early call-in, hold over during the week, and call in on weekends and holidays Employees must be available and able to respond within one hour of being called.

Therefore, use of vacation and personal leaves are limited during the winter but can be used during the summer. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment. See Resume will not be accepted in the application materials.

Installs, maintains, and repairs a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning units and systems such as coolers, refrigerations, deep freezers, etc. Traces and locates defects and makes visual, audible and mechanical checks to determine the extent of repairs needed. Replaces a major portion of the various cooling units such as compressors, condensers, expansion valves, thermostats and drive assembles; tightens loose connections, makes splices, insulates exposed wires in power sources, cleans and lubricates moving parts, replaces items such as belts, fans and fuses.

Upon completion of repair, tests for proper operation Makes electrical repairs on such items as defective wiring, controls, equipment and fixtures having broken or bare wiring, burned out switches and relays, loose connections and fittings, damaged light fixtures, poorly operating thermostats. Rearranges and hooks up items such as outlets, switches, light fixtures, regulators and circuit breakers to installed systems.

Locates broken, worn, damaged or poorly operating wiring, fixtures, controls and equipment through visual check or use of a limited number of test equipment such as lamps and ammeters. Measures, cuts and bends wires and conduits to specified lengths and angles Removes, cleans, replaces and seals defective parts of utility, supply and disposal systems such as dirty traps, sections of broken tile pipe and tile, caulks and seals elbows, union joints and faucets; cleans and reinstalls joints and fixtures.

Hooks up water heaters, disposal units, faucets and similar type equipment to installed systems. Uses material specified in work orders or obtains replacement parts by comparison with samples. Measures, cuts and bends pipe according to measurements specified in orders or sketches or by comparsion with samples. Uses such tools and equipment as tapes, rules, hacksaws, hand and power pipe threaders and cutters, packing and caulking irons, and pipe wrenches Plans and lays out work in accordance with drawings, sketches, blue-prints, and own knowledge of construction or needed repairs.

Selects lumber, materials, and supplies. Measures and cuts materials to the required lengths, and dimensions. Installs structural and trim items by nailing, bolting, morticing, doweling and gluing. Planes , sands and finishes completed work when necessary. Installs sheet, roll and shingle roofing, insuring proper alignment and overlap. Fabricates and installs frames for windows, doors, transoms, and ventilators, shelves, counters, plywood duct work, bulletin boards, cabinets, bookcases, and related features having built in characteristics.

Insures that installed components are level and accurately aligned with other parts of the structure. Installs floor and window sashes. Trims, mortices, drills and prepares items for attachment of hardware. Applies caulking compound or other filler material around door and window casing and at points where tight seal is required.

Uses a variety of hand and power shop tools in the accomplishment of assignment Performs maintenance, repair or construction of a variety of structures and surfaces of brick, block, stone and other related materials. May remove damaged portions of walls, partitions, walkways or other similar structures in preparation of repairs. Tears out portions of walls for the installation of doors or windows.

Spreads mortar; sets brick, block and stone; and finishes mortar joints so that the repaired portion matches the undamaged portion of the structure. Uses a variety of hand tools such as trowels, gauge lines, plumb bobs, airhammers, and chisels in the performance of the above duties Performs maintenance, repair or construction of a variety of structures and surfaces of brick, block, stone, and other related materials.

May remove damaged portions of walls, partitions, walkways, or other similar structures. Spreads mortar; sets brick, block, and stone, finishes mortar joints. Uses a variety of hand tools such as trowels, gauge lines, plumb bobs, airhammers, chisels, etc Paints a variety of surfaces, interiors and exteriors of bulidings, shelves, counter cabinets, and similar items at Navy Exchange sites and locations, according to directions; insuring surfaces are fully coated, protected and free from drips and runs.

Prepares surfaces by methods such as sanding, wire brushing, scraping, spackling and puttying; brushes out, rolls, shellacs, applying prime, intermediate and final coats and assuring coating finishes meet surface protection requirements. Uses pre-mixed paints, and prepared solvents, thinner and stirs coating materials in accomplishment of painting assignments.

Checks surfaces after painting to assure there are no skips; touches up as needed. Cleans and maintains brushes and painting equipment May make auotmotive repairs that can be accomplished by cleaning, reinstalling or replacing defective parts of components and systems such as fouled spark plugs, leaky wheel cylinders, corroded mufflers and worn brake shoes.

Determines if parts should be cleaned and reinstalled or replaced with standard parts. As necessary, removes and replaces with standard parts such as items as wheel cylinders, fuel lines, condensers, mufflers, tailpipes, brake linings, master cylinders, etc. Makes, as required, settings and adjustments such as setting distributor and voltage regulator, points, gapping spark plugs, setting engine idle and time, and taking up on brakes.

Uses a variety of common handtools such as wrenches, pliers, brake tools, ignition tools and screwdrivers in the accomplishment of the above. Locates worn, dirty, or poorly adjusted parts through visual check or uses a variety of test equipment such as timing lights, dwell meters, feeler gauges, circuit testers, and similar type of test equipment Maintains storeroom areas in a clean and orderly manner.

Performs other related duties as assigned. Perform minor repairs and general maintenance on heating and air conditioning system Perform routine carpentry work in the repair and maintenance of buildings, offices, etc Maintain all buildings, property and equipment for the site Ensure all buildings are kept clean Perform other duties as assigned by manager or supervisor, i.

Performs various carpentry tasks involved in the alteration, repair or maintenance of buildings or equipment. Measures and cuts material to the required lengths and dimensions. Prepares surfaces for painting by sanding, wire brushing, etc. Uses pre-mixed paints and accomplishes assignments by using roller, brushes and spray. Cleans and maintains brushes and painting equipment Makes electrical repairs on defective wiring, control equipment and fixtures; may install circuit breakers and new wiring.

Threads pipe and tile, caulks and seals elbows, union joints and faucets. Uses material specified in work orders or obtains replacement parts by comparsion with samples. Maintains Daily Trip Report of all trips made by date, assignment time, amount of gas and vehicle used. Checks vehicle for proper maintenance. Secures vehicle designated area at end of day Performs preventative maintenance and takes periodic inventory of maintenance stock and equipment.

Informs supervisor of hazardous condtions and unserviceable items Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor who makes assignments orally or in the form of work orders. Incumbent works independently using own judgement and skills in performing assignments, in selecting tools and deciding on methods and techiques to use.

Frequently lifts and carries material weighing up to 50 pounds. Maintains, adjusts and makes minor repairs of building hardware, furniture, shelving and equipment Replaces broken window and door glass Repairs windows and sash Makes minor repairs to masonry, woodwork, flooring and walls Makes minor repairs to building electrical, plumbing and heating systems Assists in relocating building equipment as directed Visually inspects public buildings, structures and equipment to assess and check for defects, malfunctions and hazardous conditions.

Visually checks for and records the observable conditions of the premises. Files reports Keeps records Operates a motor vehicle to travel to and from work sites Not less than two years of such experience plus sufficient training of a relevant nature acquired in an approved trade or vocational high school to make up the equivalent of three years of acceptable experience.

Assesses, monitors, and adjusts HVAC pneumatic and electronic controls to ensure the proper operation of HVAC equipment and maintain appropriate space conditions as required Observes and adjusts a wide variety of mechanical machines and devices to assure proper operation. This equipment includes pumps, motors, air handling units, refrigeration and air compressors, and laboratory equipment Dismantles machines and devices for servicing, repair, or replacement of parts Adjusts devices, instruments, belts, etc Lubricates and cleans pumps, motors, fans, machinery, equipment, and operating hardware Replaces gaskets and seals on water coolers and other equipment Regulates steam or hot water equipment in mechanical rooms, offices, laboratories, residence areas, etc.

Must be able to qualify for licenses and permits required by federal, state and local regulations Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.

Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers or employees or organization Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference and volume. Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagram form.

Ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations. Clears debris and maintains drives and walkways in safe condition. May require snow removal depending on location Operates equipment in a safe and careful manner to avoid damage to cemetery property Maintains, services, cleans and properly stores equipment Cleans and maintains facility to include performing minor repairs, painting, etc May assist in moving and installing vaults.

Ability to operate hand-held tools and equipment, including, but not limited to a shovel, pick, rake, sledge hammer, lawn mower, tractor, weed trimmer and leaf blower Must be able to work weekends and occasional evenings Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus. Cuts grass, maintains lawn, trims around trees, walkways and memorial markers, lays sod, moves and removes flowers to and from chapel and graveside Prepares crypts for entombments Arranges chapel for services May assists in loading and unloading of caskets Ability to effectively work with others to accomplish tasks Ability to be adaptable to changing work schedules and multi-tasking.

Speak, read, and write English Lifting and carrying 50 pounds Constant bending and movement Assist with daily work orders and projects, including grounds labor when required. Must have full working knowledge of all trades Must have basic working knowledge of all building trades Keep track of parts and supplies used Complete other projects as assigned by JV Facilities Manager or Maintenance Supervisor Employee is responsible for general knowledge of corporate environmental policies and procedures and how they relate to their job functions.

Corporate policies and procedures are posted on bulletin boards or can be accessed at dpr. Job specific Environmental Aspects and Impacts will be communicated by Dept. Managers during EMS training Environmental objectives and targets will be communicated by dept. Ability to read, write, and follow instructions Must be able to climb ladders, stoop bend, lift up to 50 lbs, and use mechanical tools and equipment Previous maintenance experience required. Must possess a working knowledge of power tools and snow removal equipment Valid New York drivers license Must be able to stand and work as long as 8 - 12 hours OT in different positions.

Ability and willingness to work flexible extended hours One to three years Industrial Maintenance experience Working knowledge of maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, and repair Must obtain and maintain Powered Industrial Truck certification Must own tools required to perform general maintenance duties Must be experienced with TIG, MIG, and Stick welding process Must be capable of understanding engineering drawings Must be capable of performing to normal industry standards associated with the skilled fabrication trade.

Repair and install electrical systems, including repairing heaters, light switches, outlets, wire panels, transformers, and light fixtures, etc Repair and install plumbing, including repairing toilets, sewage discharge lines, sinks, dishwashers, ruptured lines, etc. Secures vehicle designated area at end of day. Informs supervisor of hazardous condtions and unserviceable items. Maintain a safe, sanitary work environment, which conforms to all standards and regulations.

Prepares minor repairs to grave markers Installs grave markers, bronze memorials, crypt faces, etc Maintains and repairs existing markers and other cemetery features Assists with setup for openings and closings for interments, entombments and inurnments Under supervision, may operate backhoe to dig graves without damage to surrounding vaults, markers or monuments Minimum 6 months of relevant experience Ability to operate equipment in a safe and careful manner Ability to work in extreme weather conditions Basic computer skills to enable retrieving and responding to email communications Ability to lift up to with equipment assistance Ability to push and pull up to lbs.

Ensure cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere of dock and work area at all times Prepare work orders with all pertinent information and process work orders to completion Select and prepare materials for fiberglass repair, painting and recoating steel pontoons with Bi-toxy.

Mix resin with catalyst for temperature ranges. Ensure proper lay up for optimum strength and repair. Match gel coat and paint Perform welding repairs on aluminum and mild steel for construction projects and equipment. Replace components, perform oil changes, rig and operate boats and equipment Trade Position 1 Employees must fully utilize all safety equipment, ensuring proper lifting, bending and carrying techniques are adhered to Must be flexible - willing to work a varied schedule Know and comply with all company policies and procedures regarding safety, security, emergencies and energy.

Experience in basic trades, carpentry, plumbing, electrical Experience in general building maintnenance Must posess valid drivers license in state of Virginia. Maintain and repair the physical structure of the Hotel and furnishings as deemed necessary by the Chief Engineer Assist in the remodeling of the premises Maintain the electrical switches, plumbing facilities and other fixtures and equipment to ensure smooth operations Maintains the physical condition of the hotel rooms Respond and prioritize maintenance requisitions and guest requests to ensure guests receive quality service and furnishings Positive energy and an iCare iCan attitude Knowledge of general maintenance procedures Ability to work in a typical maintenance atmosphere requiring heavy lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling Ability to communicate and develop an effective working relationship with fellow associates, managers, outside representatives, agencies, and Red Lion Guests Basic to Intermediate computer skills, including, but not limited to, ability to use a Computer, Tablet and Smartphone This is a part-time position.

May inspect exit and emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, hose condition, tank integrity and forward deficiencies to supervisor for further action, and document inspections as required May assist with minor electrical maintenance to include but not limited to replacement or repair of lighting fixtures e.

Maintains appearance of interior finishes e. Reconfigures, installs and moves offices and other spaces e. Assist other departments, including but not limited to, Marketing to setup events and Local Leasing with placement and repair of carts Schedule and preform preventive maintenance programs as assigned by management Ensure the appropriate inventory systems, records, files, material safety data sheets, supplies, equipment and tools are maintained May perform additional maintenance duties as assigned Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form.

Ability to define problems, collect information and establish facts Knowledge of basic electrical systems Knowledge of safety rules, hazards and application of accident prevention measures. Perform exterior lighting audits, summarize findings, and coordinate repairs at the direction of the Operations Director OD Administer trash compactor policy and maintain records accordingly Performs Regular inspections of air handling units, tighten or replace belts, replace filters and grease components.

Ability to effectively present information to departmental management, employees, tenants, and outside contacts Paint, electrical, plumbing, and drywall skills Self-starter with ability to work independently Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds. Routinely inspects facility Perform a variety of maintenance repair activities on the interior and exterior areas of the property including, but not limited to, painting, drywall, structural, electrical, and plumbing.

Repairing parking lot and sidewalk surfaces, interior and exterior lighting including lamp, fuse and ballast replacement Operate a variety of equipment to perform preventive maintenance, including scissor lifts and areal booms Assist other departments, including but not limited to, Marketing, to set up events, and Local Leasing with the placement and repair of temporary lease units Perform the job in accordance with all applicable standards, policies and regulatory guidelines to promote a safe working environment Ensure the appropriate inventory, supplies, equipment and tools are maintained Periodically inspect air handling units, replace filters and grease components.

Maintain logs to document activity Performs exterior custodial duties as needed. May include gathering trash, emptying trash receptacles, and operating trash compactors High School Diploma, Technical Trade school, or GED Prior building maintenance experience preferred Ability to read and interpret documents, plans and drawings Ability to effectively present information to departmental management Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions Ability to define problems, collect information and establish facts Paint, electrical, plumbing, floor tile replacement, and drywall skills Capability to diagnose problems on equipment Knowledge of basic electrical and plumbing systems Ability to work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays on a rotating schedule Ability to walk 5 miles per day without restriction.

Routinely inspects facility, troubleshoots and makes repairs to the mechanical, electrical, air conditioning and plumbing systems, as well as any structural elements on the property Operate a variety of equipment to perform preventive maintenance, minor repairs and maintain cleanliness of property Perform the job in accordance with all applicable standards, policies and regulatory guidelines i. OSHA standards to promote a safe working environment Periodically inspect air handling units, tighten or replace belts, replace filters and grease components.

May include sweeping sidewalks, wet mop sidewalks, operate steam cleaner, operate hand vacuum. Gather trash and empty trash receptacles; operate compactor and turn trash carts Ability to read and interpret documents, plans and schematic drawings and comprehend instructions. Ability to effectively present information to departmental management, employees, tenants, and outside contacts Basic knowledge of fire protection hydraulic system and fire protection alarm systems Ability to work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Dismantles devices to gain access to and remove defective parts. Examines form and texture of parts to detect imperfections Set-up and operate lathe, drill press, grinder, and other metalworking tools to make and repair parts Initiates purchase orders for parts and machines.

Duties will include, but are not limited to, carpentry, sheet rocking, plumbing, light electrical and maintaining medical equipment Understand how to respond to various emergencies in the disaster manual, and to alarms in the Facility Maintain grounds, buildings, automobiles and equipment Work with outside contractors and vendors On-call as needed Days with every other weekend and rotating holidays. Participate in all safety and emergency squad drills.

Assist in selecting, training, supervising, scheduling, developing, disciplining, and counseling associates in the Front Desk of the Hotel Assist in managing front office and establishment of policies and procedures Confer and cooperate with other department managers to ensure coordination of Hotel activities Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel policies and services Here are some of the legal items we talked about in the introduction.

Review, comply with, and promote the company's Affirmative Action Plans for minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities Knowledge of front office policies and procedures, reservations, accounts receivable Understanding of front office accounting, forecasting, and reporting Ability to defuse a potential problem situation confidently Thorough knowledge of computer systems: i.

Copy, fax and scanning Weekend availability required. All local background checks will be re-verified every 5 years A health assessment is required. An annual health screening will be required throughout employment Possession of a valid state driver's license or CDL to operate a government vehicle with a capacity for transporting 24 passengers is required Willing to work the schedule specific for the Child, Youth and School Services program This position is covered by the DA Drug-Free Federal Workplace Program.

Incumbent is required to sign DA Form R. This position has critical safety or security responsibilities and as such has been designated as a testing designated position TDP. As a condition of employment, incumbent of a TDP is subject to a random drug test that occurs without suspicion that a particular individual is using illegal drugs. Assists with carpentry tasks for repairing and modifying wood components of historic structures Operates tools, equipment and vehicles Prepares surfaces for painting, and paints historic buildings, walls, trim and floor surfaces Assists in maintenance, repair and stabilization of historic features built of stone, mortar, and adobe Operates a light truck to pick up supplies and to transport materials to and from work sites Assists with repairing or replacing historic roofs Receives and unloads and processing incoming shipments according established procedures, and reports discrepancies and damage to others responsible for such items Travel within and outside the Park will be required as part of the duties, as assigned.

Note: Please ensure that your resume contains the basic information. Veterans' preference is given in accordance with applicable laws and regulation, as follows If you are a Discharged, Non-Disabled Veteran, you must submit a copy of your DD showing character of discharge Member 4 copy , or other Documentation of Service and Separation under Honorable Conditions, as listed on the SF A COPY of your agency notice, 2.

A COPY of your most recent performance rating, and 3. Documentation that you meet any Selective Placement Factor s ; Schedule A letter if applicable, documentation supporting eligibility for non-competitive appointment. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received and processed, and any correspondence the agency has sent related to this application.

Your FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission Applicants with veterans preference who have a compensable service-connected disability of 10 percent or more and who scored at least in the Qualified category, and Best Qualified veterans preference eligibles who do not have a service-connected disability, followed by all other Best Qualified applicants Well Qualified veterans preference eligibles who do not have a service-connected disability, and then all other Well Qualified applicants Qualified veterans preference eligibles who do not have a service-connected disability, and then all other Qualified applicants.

Click the Submit My Answers button to submit your application package. It is your responsibility to ensure your responses and appropriate documentation is submitted prior to the closing date Ability To Do the Work of a Maintenance Worker without More than Normal Supervision Screen out Knowledge of equipment assembly, installation, repair etc Technical practices Theoretical, precise, artistic Ability to interpret instructions, specification etc.

Your experience must verify the answers given on the assessment questionnaire. This position requires that you operate a government or private motor vehicle as part of your official duties. A valid state drivers license is required. You must also submit within a state sealed envelope or submitted directly by the state authorities , and at your own expense, all certified driving records from all states that discloses all valid drivers licenses, whether current or past, possessed by you. If you are tentatively selected for employment in this position, you will be required to complete GSA Form and submit the above state issued documents.

Your employment, after your tentative selection, will be contingent upon receipt of these documents in a timely manner and that those Applicants must possess a valid state drivers license. A valid state drivers license is required Ability to do the work of a WG Maintenance Worker without more than normal supervision Ability to assist higher graded workers in a variety of building maintenance duties Ability to perform a variety of grounds maintenance duties Ability to perform custodial duties.

Ability to communicate in English language preferred Ability to read and communicate in writing in local language preferred Previous grounds maintenance experience preferred. Maintain printing presses and all other machines on premises. Reports major maintenance needs to Maintenance supervisor for referral to shop-crafts or other corrective actions as necessary Perform and complete Preventive work orders as well as customer request work orders Performs other duties as necessary such as maintaining swimming pools and Jacuzzis and related equipment.

Assist with lawn and garden upkeep by mowing the lawn and removing weeds Fill up ice storages daily Perform preventative maintenance tasks and maintain equipment — ensuring it is kept in working order Clean and maintain lake and land pump-outs restrooms. Will need to drive a speed boat to clean, maintain and supply each unit May be required to operate company vehicles transporting trash, equipment, delivering laundry etc Identify maintenance, cleanliness and safety issues and take the correct steps to correct them Must be over 18 years of age Must be able to swim Must have boating experience and boating law knowledge Previous knowledge of marine radios is preferential.

Confined Space, Lockout Tagout, etc One year commercial maintenance experience preferred. Ensure assigned equipment is in accordance with manufactured and company specifications Conduct preventative maintenance checks and inspection of assigned equipment. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to fumes or airborne particles.

The employee may also be exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate. Employee will be required to wear a uniform and comply with NPS uniform standards. A uniform allowance will be provided to defray the cost of the uniform If selected, you will be required to sign a Pathways Participant Agreement Ability to do the work of the position without more than normal supervision screen out element You are enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited educational institution or state-approved home school The type of degree or certificate you are seeking not required if you are not yet attending That you are in good standing usually a 2.

Outdoor work is performed in all kinds of weather and exposes the employee to wind, rain, dust, must, hot and cold conditions. Perform basic rough and finished carpentry repair of structures, including partitions, walls, doors, fences, window frames, office furniture, roofs, and shelves.

Prepare and train to become a certified diver Become knowledgeable in heavy equipment operation and care Learn basic boat handling skills General knowledge of all docking systems Proficient in basic welding and cutting. May be required to obtain and maintain chauffeurs license, as well as good driving record Ability to maintain schedules and work well with others Basic knowledge of maintenance and janitorial supplies and ability to use them effectively Works under close supervision and is accountable for the efficient daily maintenance and cleaning of assigned areas Follows oral instructions covering primarily routine situations.

Cut grass using walking-type or commercial grade riding mowers less than lbs. Must be able to work up to a 40 hour work week Must be able to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions Must have the ability to read and understand contract requirements and maps Must be able to multi- task throughout work day, with constant interruptions Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act 41 U.

Must possess sound knowledge of plumbing, carpentry, painting, and electrical maintenance Be familiar with the safe use of hand tools and portable power tools Must be able to work indoors and outdoors and possibly be exposed to paint fumes, possible electric shock. Mow, edge, aerate and thatch lawns and fields with manual and power equipment Eradicate weeds using tillers or herbicides Mix and apply pesticides Remove leaves and brush, debris and litter Clean drains and gutters Repair and maintain airport signs, signposts, airport buildings, parking lots, lights, equipment, and buildings Escort outside contractors and vendors into secure perimeters of airport and facilities Troubleshoot and complete minor repairs on tools and equipment Maintain vehicles and power equipment by checking fluid levels and cleaning after use An Associate's degree in landscape technology, horticulture, turf management or closely related field and six 6 months of landscape experience; OR Two 2 years of landscape experience Employee will be required to use a vehicle to conduct business.

You must possess and maintain a current, valid Commercial Driver License A CDL-A with a tank endorsement or be able to obtain one within 90 days of hire Aviation experience as a pilot or working at an airport Experience operating tractors or large tractor mowers General maintenance and repair of buildings, automotive, and small engines The work experience and education sections of your application must clearly demonstrate how you meet the minimum qualifications listed above Complete the required supplemental questions.

Practices safe hoisting and jacking techniques. Practices safe use and disposal of solvents Using micrometers and gauges inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings, and other important parts to examine parts for damage or excessive wear. Replaces part as needed Replaces defective engines or subassemblies, such as transmissions Test drive trucks, buses and overhauled equipment to diagnose malfunctions and ensure operating efficiency Examine and adjust protective guards, loose bolts, and specified safety devices Picture solid objects from drawings or diagrams.

Supervises the activities of subordinate maintenance and custodial workers engaged in performing a variety of work assignments involving the renovation, modification, repair of buildings and structures. Provides cleaning and janitorial services for work spaces, buildings and grounds Responsible for conducting periodic inventory of supplies and equipment.

Accounts for all merchandise in stock and transferred items, etc Assures that safety and housekeeping rules are followed. Repairs utility mains and services. Now, here are major requirements applicants for the grounds maintenance worker job are majorly asked to fulfill:.

If you are an employer needing to hire for the grounds maintenance worker position in your organization and need to write a good description of the job for the recruitment process, this post will be helpful to you. By applying the sample job description and information about the duties and responsibilities of grounds maintenance workers, you are sure to be able to effectively description what the holder of the position will do in your company.

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Apologise, but, cover letter interview sample apologise, but

Skills Skills. Considerable knowledge of methods of landscaping and proper use of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides Sound basic knowledge of ornamental horticulture and skill in the performance of a wide variety of gardening tasks Consistently demonstrate excellent technical knowledge on the job Ability to identify common plants, be able to identify insect or disease conditions on plants Demonstrates the desire and ability to provide high quality service to both internal and external customers Strong attention to detail, organizational, time-management and problem solving skills Knowledge of and ability to use grounds tools and equipment Attention to detail to maintain a clean and professional landscape Ability to lift weights up to 50 lbs.

Read our complete resume writing guides. Operates mowers and string trimmers Place tee markers and replace cups as needed Moves signage on course Assists in construction of new greens, tees and cart paths. Uses and maintains power tools May specialize in mowing and spraying Prepares soil for planting by digging and turning Maintains paved areas such as patios, driveways, and walkways Lays concrete, asphalt and boulders.

Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. The University reserves the right to add or change duties at any time. Clean outside areas Empty all trash cans in garages, trails, parking areas, building perimeter Sweep all parking garages and lots Remove snow and clear walkways, entrances, and paths Sand walkways and entrances Report any damage found on the grounds garage, curbs, etc.

Maintain condition and appearance of all athletic fields, intramural fields, and stadiums, including facility landscaped areas decorative plants, grass areas, and trees Prepare fields and stadiums for intercollegiate sports activities, by lining, marking, turf maintenance, and fertilization Use and maintain power tools and other equipment Prepare soil for planting, manage irrigation schedules, and repair as well as turf wear management.

Tarp handling and weather situations. Visit benefits. The Trojan Network connects current and previous members of the Trojan family to create an endless professional network. Maintain condition and appearance of all athletic fields and stadiums Prepare soil for planting Sweep walkways and otherwise maintain paved areas Benefits.

Removes debris from the golf course Sands and seeds divots and cleans flowers beds Waters and fertilizes tees, greens, fairways under the direct supervision of a certified applicator Maintains fuel and fluid levels for all types of equipment on a daily basis Reports equipment problems. Experienced with turf irrigation, drip irrigation and automatic irrigation controllers Knowledge in lawn and plant fertilization Experience with operating a tractor Experience with operating a power street sweeper Experience operating a power lift This is a grounds position in Mesa AZ and primarily consists of working outside.

Therefore must be able to work in extreme climate, i. Maintains weed control and removes dead foliage Inspects and maintains grounds and sidewalks, breezeways, parking lots, roadways, and facility entrances in a safe, clean, and attractive condition free of hazards. Operates sweepers and blowers for parking areas and roadways.

Routinely empties all ashtrays and trash receptacles and picks up litter throughout the exterior areas of the campus. Repairs, adds and replaces irrigation system components as needed Coordinates the preventative maintenance program of all grounds tools and equipment to include cleaning, sharpening, minor tune-ups, charging, and function checks Coordinates the preventative maintenance program of all grounds tools and equipment to include cleaning, sharpening, minor tune-ups, charging, and function checks.

Management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time. Must be available Monday thru Friday 7am to 4pm. Performs a combination of cutting lawns, trimming and edging around walkways, roads, flower beds and walls Prunes shrubs, trees and plants.

Previous out of home country experience and previous work experience in harsh environmental conditions are a plus Experience working with PAE Knowledge of principles and processes involved in supporting contract responsibilities at an overseas facility Experience providing excellent customer services Cross-cultural sensitivity with an international perspective Computer skills, specifically in Microsoft Word and Excel Ability to be innovative and be an agent for change Expert communication skills to facilitate and disseminate information.

Accordingly, you may be expected to perform other tasks as needed or as directed Adhere to all of the various written mandatory standards of operations, policies and procedures, manuals, memos, oral instructions, etc. Plants shrubs, trees and flowers; prunes trees and shrubs Removes debris from walks; rakes leaves; weeds landscaped area; and sweeps parking area Waters trees, shrubs and performs irrigation activities Sprays for weeds and insects using unrestricted chemicals as required Operates hand tools and equipment associated with grounds maintenance and landscaping activities Operates pick-up truck for trash and debris removal Performs minor maintenance and repair on equipment and tools as required Installs and removes outdoor signs, parking and traffic control barriers and overhead banners as required Performs general building maintenance such as clearing clogged drains, patching and painting walls, and minor repairs of garbage disposal Ability to drive according to the University Fleet Safety Policy.

Develop thorough knowledge and safe operation skills for all equipment associated in golf course maintenance Apply fertilizers and granular pesticides uniformly and environmentally safe Plant ornamentals and sod turf Perform miscellaneous duties, drainage projects, renaturalization of lava and other construction related tasks Trim trees and ornamentals using pruners, hedge trimmers, saws, etc Maintain a safe and clean work and storage area Ability to execute a considerable amount of physical labor, such as using picks, shovels, hoes, cane knives and various equipment Ability to execute considerable amount of lifting.

Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs Must be able to safely operate and drive a utility vehicle through the entire golf course and related areas, under all types of difficult terrain Must have a valid drivers license Have access to a robust benefit plan Have the opportunity to engage in diverse and challenging work. Operate light or medium weight trucks Assist in snow removal when needed Must be able to lift or move heavy objects up to 80 lbs.

Provide information and materials to these divisions as necessary to ensure adequate and legal documentation The grounds keeper is responsible for maintaining safe and attractive grounds and landscaping for the New Embassy Compound. The job includes the care of trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns by watering, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, controlling weeds, and caring for beds.

Work will include planting trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers, etc. Must be willing and able to perform regular job requirements in this austere and extreme environment Must be willing and able to perform physical activities including but not limited to heavy lifting and moving of items, parts, assemblies and equipment up to the safety regulation maximum; climbing in and out of equipment; crawling; and working outdoors.

Must maintain physical and dental requirements for duration of deployment Must be able to work a minimum of 6 days per week and 10 hours per day, some jobs have higher daily and weekly minimums Must possess satisfactory English proficiency to meet job requirements and to adhere and comply with safety, health and security measures. Mows, edges, and trims turf areas Collects debris and weeds Helps maintains planting beds Water trees and shrubs Helps maintain and water flowers and turf areas Reports hazards such as broken benches, trip hazards, etc Places barricades around hazardous areas Performs related work as needed.

Handle and implement general maintenance of landscaped areas both interior and exterior Candidate must be fluent in English, both verbal and written Solid knowledge of landscape maintenance techniques and their correct and safe application Ability to operate various machines and tools used in landscape maintenance Ability to learn common plant names and how to care for the variety of plants at the resort Service Passion Requires attention to detail and problem solving skills Successful candidates must possess legal work authorization in the United States.

Driving large stake bed truck Planting shrubs and trees Driving riding mowers. Experience in athletic ground maintenance experience. Must be able to speak, read and write English Must be able to follow basic instructions in manual work Must be able to work safely using hand tools and operating small equipment Basic knowledge of standard landscape maintenance practices Must have good manual dexterity Good communication skills and a willingness to obtain specialized training. Supports the total quality management of the physical plant mission and objectives, adheres to institutional and departmental safety policy and procedures Installs, maintains operates and repairs building systems and associated equipment Works with other trades and maintenance staff to complete maintenance and installation of other building systems Prepare and submit work documentation, to include work order submission, changes to system e.

Directories , Etc Install and maintain special systems and equipment such as landscaping clocks and irrigation systems Performs all preventive maintenance on assigned systems and equipment Coordinates and assists with the coordination of contracted work and external service work Responds to work related radio and pager calls Actively participates and completes training, personal development and continuing education Must have and maintain valid state of Texas drivers license and be listed as an approved drier as determined by Risk Management and insurance carrier.

Customer service skills. Repair and maintain landscape irrigation systems Schedule and coordinate irrigation and watering activities as required in assigned areas Maintain watering logs and schedules Maintain grounds and roads e. Assist in lawn, tree, shrub, flower maintenance.

Maintain grounds and roads e. Experience in work that requires customer service skills. Operates mowers, trimmers, tractors, power brooms, power spraying equipment, and grounds vehicles Removes snow and ice from walkways and parking areas in winter Fertilizes, sprays, and aerates turf. Trims, prunes, and sprays trees and shrubs Maintains underground sprinkler system Repairs sidewalks, curbs, and parking lots Picks up litter and trash.

Maintains upkeep of shop and office area Maintains lawn equipment Assists in building systems maintenance such as painting and changing patient room air filters. Coordinate and assign work to Groundskeepers in the maintenance of shrubs, trees, lawns, planting areas, sprinkler systems and area watering lines Train and assist in providing orientation to new employees Inspect work of personnel and recommend corrective measures to meet established standards Maintain labor and cost records and requisitions materials, supplies and equipment as required Operate large power and field mowers, hand tools, high pressure power washer, stake bed truck and large vehicles associated with grounds maintenance and landscaping activities Trim and prune a variety of trees and shrubs Coordinate irrigation and watering activities within area of specialty Assist in the maintenance of roads, parking lots and other surfaces including asphalt repairs Effectively communicate verbally and in writing Customer service Competition Field turf maintenance Fertilizing.

Lead in and perform maintenance of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and flower beds Provide instructions to landscaping crews as required Lead in and perform lawn maintenance activities Keeps landscape and grounds free of debris, trash, branches and leaves, remove ice, empty trash receptacles, clean storm drains and ash urns Apply chemicals to maintain the Institute's lawn, trees, shrubs, groundcover, and flowers Perform routine maintenance of equipment Train new employees in grounds keeping duties; promote safe working practices Work Experience:Three to four years job related experience Certifications:Valid Georgia Driver's License Skills:This job requires working knowledge of grounds maintenance processes and practices including operation and maintenance of related equipment, use of radio communications equipment and operation of a motor vehicle.

Skills in providing work direction, work-related training and leadership are required. Applies pesticides for the purpose of controlling insects and weeds in accordance with established procedures. Specific skill-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating equipment used in grounds maintenance including tractors, weed whips, mowers, hand and power tools, etc.

Specific knowledge-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: method of preparing and maintaining various plants, shrubs, lawns, etc. Flexibility is required to work with others in a variety of circumstances; work with data utilizing defined and similar processes; and operate equipment using a variety of standardized methods.

Ability is also required to work with a wide diversity of individuals; work with a variety of data; and utilize a variety of job-related equipment. Problem solving with data may require independent interpretation; and problem solving with equipment is limited to moderate. Specific ability-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: adhering to safety practices; meeting deadlines and schedules; working under time constraints; and communicating with diverse groups.

Utilization of some resources from other work units may be required to perform the job's functions. The job is performed under some temperature extremes and in a generally hazard free environment. Performs routine labor and operates light motorized equipment involved in daily golf course and landscape maintenance and construction; and performs related work as required Ability to work weekends, evenings, holidays Ability to communicate in English Driving skills required Ability to sit and stand for long periods of time Ability to manage others.

Perform campus trash runs Move furniture and relocate event set up equipment Valid Pennsylvania drivers license. Yes I have a current driver's license issued by the State of Louisiana I have a current driver's license issued by a state other than Louisiana I do not have a current driver's license. Safe use of powered grounds equipment and tools Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other plant chemicals and soil amendments and specific use Utilization of tools and machinery used to conduct landscaping duties Maintenance, installation and repair of automated water systems Methods and techniques used in landscaping Leadership and scheduling activities for grounds operation Applying and demonstrating methods and techniques in caring for grounds and plant life Demonstrating preventative maintenance on powered and non-powered grounds equipment Demonstrating the proper and safe use of plant chemicals and soil amendments Communicating effectively both in writing and orally Properly use chemicals and equipment Train and supervise adjudicated youth to perform grounds-keeping duties necessary to complete daily tasks Comprehend and demonstrate written and verbal instruction.

Ability to write reports and correspondence. Ability to speak and communicate effectively with individuals and before groups of people Ability to accurately calculate figures and amounts and perform mathematical functions applicable to business needs Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form. Ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations Must be able to qualify for any and all licenses or permits required by local, state or federal law.

Minimum of years general maintenance work Basic carpentry Basic sprinkler work Repair work Pressure cleaning Lawn work ie: trimming, pulling weeds, hedges Ability to follow complex verbal and written instructions. Drives the cart in the execution of the duties To handle service requests, minor repairs, and make ready of vacant units in a timely and accurate manner To maintain curb appeal and cleanliness of the property at all times; to make rounds of the property in the morning to ensure the cleanliness of the property for the rest of the day To provide cleaning services in a safe and efficient manner in compliance with the Loss Prevention Program Replace light bulbs throughout the property.

To hang mini blinds in the apartments; to hang and replace ceiling fans in the apartments. To make door keys and replace door handles and locks To maintain positive customer service with residents To transport furniture beds, appliances, etc. The position may require the ability to physically inspect the properties, construction projects, and portfolio, plus the Groundskeeper must possess any abilities and skills required to carry out the responsibilities outlined above, even if not specifically mentioned herein.

This is strenuous work performed on sloping and uneven ground Requires cutting splitting and supplying firewood to interruptive cabin site Perform other work as assigned Speak, read, and write English Constant bending and movement Assist in designing and replacement of all planting and trail areas as needed Assist with daily work orders and projects, including grounds labor when required Complete other projects as assigned Employee is responsible for knowing the environmental aspects and associated impacts of their job position.

Job specific environmental aspects and Impacts will be communicated by Dept. Employee will be aware of environmental objectives and targets within their department and how the objectives and targets affect their job performance. Knowledge of the maintenance of various land and water plants Ability to understand and speak English to comprehend and respond to inquiries Ability to understand written English to read labels or any caution or safety notices Sufficient manual dexterity to use a variety of gardening tools and implements Ability to operate and maintain various maintenance vehicles and equipment, including tractors, beach cleaners, lawn mowers, line trimmers and edgers, in a safe manner Ability to transport a maximum of lbs.

Demonstrated customer service competencies as evidenced by the ability to focus on the needs of others resulting in being recognized as a provider of choice Demonstrated ability to be a positive influence on the work team as evidenced by an approachable, positive attitude resulting in increased collaboration and support of group initiatives Demonstrated customer service competencies as evidenced by the ability to focus on the needs of others resultingin being recognized as a provider of choice Demonstrated development of self reflective as evidenced by seeks areas of personal improvement resulting in growth in personal and professional skill set.

Maintaining grounds property and common areas Performing general maintenance Keeping current on company policies and regulatory compliance. Specialize in tree care, the planting and transplanting of trees and plants including site preparation, installation, backfilling, staking, pruning, watering, and mulching Inspect trees and plants, identify disease, pests and other problems, recommend and apply appropriate treatments Identify potentially hazardous trees and other tree-related problems; develop and apply appropriate tree hazard management strategies Maintain records of work performed on all campus trees and maintain tree inventory records Maintain grounds and roads, remove debris, water, treat weeds, insects, and other pests Train, work alongside, and coordinate Groundskeepers in the maintenance of grounds, trees and shrubs as required Maintain lawns, planting areas, sprinkler systems and area watering lines Operate large power and field mowers, hand tools and large vehicles associated with ground maintenance and landscaping activities Perform minor maintenance and repair on equipment and tools as required.

Remove trash from office areas and apartment community perimeter on a daily basis Remove trash from vacant apartments trash outs prior to make-ready Clean and maintain pool daily. Monitor and maintain proper chemical balance of pool water. Maintains the gardens and grounds by pruning, fertilizing, watering, trimming, sweeping, mowing, cleaning areas, maintaining the nursery area and performing other tasks as assigned in daily meetings Maintain and repair irrigation system by changing valves and wiring, and adjusting sprinklers.

Maintaining an inventory of irrigation parts to ensure adequate parts are available. Putting in new systems as needed and checking clocks and adjusting times Maintains and operates various landscaping equipment in a safe manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all guest, staff, and wildlife.

This includes the operation of sweepers, lawn mowers, weed whips, chain saws and hedgers, ect. This also includes the maintenance of all equipment by cleaning, oiling and refueling Waters, trims and dust all interior plants in all of the suites, rooms, Food and Beverage outlets, Hilton Tower, Museum Walkway, Ballrooms, landscaper Kohala Spa and all of the remaining interior areas.

The exterior is also responsible for the change outs of plants and applies pesticides to maintain high quality plants Ability to understand and speak English to comprehend and respond to inquiries. Prepare resort for special events Work special events on weekends as necessary Assist with the set up and break down of special events Perform all duties in a safe and professional manner and in accordance with department policies and procedures Must possess a working knowledge of gasoline powered landscape equipment mowers, edgers, trimmers, chainsaw, etc Must be able to work outdoors and endure temperature and extreme weather.

Flower bed maintenance: directing and installing plant materials, weeding beds and watering Landscape construction: under minimal direction, installs trees and shrubs, site preparation, plant removal and general cleanup Turf maintenance: mowing, seeding, sodding, edging of sidewalks and watering Small equipment operation: lawn mowing equipment, snow blowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, bulb drills, walk behind aerators.

Drives University vehicles including those requiring a commercial driver's license "Class B. General landscape cleanup and leaf removal Snow and ice removal: includes the use of shovels, small snow brooms and snow plows Refuse removal: emptying garbage cans and picking up trash from campus areas Special event setups for University departments High school diploma or equivalent combination of educational training and experience from which comparable skills can be acquired.

Proficient in plant identification. The ability to operate all landscape related equipment Physical ability to work in cramped quarters, climb ladders and work from equipment high off ground level. Physical ability to lift and maneuver heavy weights up to 50 pounds. Responsible for all yard and gardening equipment and for maintaining adequate supplies of fertilizer, weed killer, seed and other related chemicals Cut or mow grass; edge, trim sidewalks, trim and feed trees Watering of trees, plants and grass; fertilize and chemically treat grass, roses and trees Clean trash from loading ramp, parking lots, outside public areas, and wash down Maintain and set-u yards machinery Assist maintenance personnel in outside work such as digging up water pipes for repairs.

Clean, pick up debris from grounds and common areas Keep all stair towers clean and free of waste Ensure that all exterior steps have treads and are safe Rake leaves and collect debris from grounds and breezeways, remove snow and spread salt in inclement weather Remove all trash, and perform preparatory and make-ready tasks in vacant units as assigned by the maintenance supervisor Perform daily inspection of exterior building and parking lot lights; report any problems to the maintenance supervisor immediately Demonstrate integrity and excellent customer service when interacting with residents.

Ability to follow instructions verbal and written Skilled in the use of basic landscape and related gardening tools Ability to perform difficult physical labor and lift objects up to or above 50lbs. Appreciating the uniqueness of each individual Communicating openly and with integrity Embracing opportunities Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons Maintains the grounds of the assigned property.

Able to drive and operate a scissor Lift and fork truck Able to perform manual labor tasks as assigned Work In a safe manner in accordance to federal and company policies Able to follow federal and company policies and procedures Proven ability to work as a team Ability to be self-motivated and work with minimal supervision Ability to clean a wide range of areas, both inside and outside of buildings Attend department and plant meeting and training.

Cleaning of all public areas including bathrooms and showerhouse Maintain maintenance of all equipement Assist in snow removal: blowing, shoveling, and any other related duties Performs job duties in s safe manner following all DNCPR Environmental GreenPath, GuestPath, NPS and Safety policies and procedures.

Clean and repair tools; service and repair grounds equipment e. Maintain housekeeping conditions as prescribed by area Perform related duties based on departmental need. Operate equipment including, but limited to, power mowers, fly mowers and string trimmers to maintain putting greens aprons, bunkers and tees Fill divots and edge bunkers and cart paths Assist with spraying weeds, trimming trees, hauling debris, shop cleaning and construction projects, as needed.

Must be able to work alone or with a team Must be able to work outside in high temperatures Must be able to lift 50lb Must be available to work Monday-Friday between the hours of am to pm. Assist in lawn, tree, shrub, flower maintenance Must be able to complete the required OSHA training Available for work after normal hours for snow removal, campus emergencies, or project work.

Maintain the appearance and safety of the golf course, but not limited to; greens, tees, fairways, roughs, bunkers, etc Edge, weed eat, fly mow, trim, blow all necessary areas Assist in sod, irrigation and drainage projects. Some related work experience is a plus Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manual None required for this position Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instruction furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.

Ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations Must be eligible for licensing with the West Virginia Racing Commission. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, used hands to finger, handle to feel, and talk or hear.

The employee frequently is required to reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to sit, climb of balance, stoop, kneel crouch or crawl, and taste or smell. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to mechanical parts. The employee is frequently exposed to risk of electrical shock. The employee is occasionally exposed to humid conditions; high precarious places; fumes or airborne particles; toxic or caustic chemicals.

The noise level in the environment is usually loud. This position may be exposed to periods of adverse weather conditions. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Performs a variety of landscape maintenance tasks Maintains condition and appearance of campus landscape Trains other groundskeepers and other employees on specific skills and tasks as required Lays concrete, asphalt and boulders Participates in the Landscape and Grounds Pay for Knowledge and Skills Program including on-the-job training.

Performs all appropriate levels tasks and demonstrates proficiency as indicated in the Skill Based Progression, independently or as part of a team, as assigned by the supervisor Performs other related duties as assigned or requested. Maintains appearance of all company properties.

Also maintain the property around the Conservation Education Center, Wonders of Wildlife Museum and occasional work at the Ozark Mill Polices parking lots and grounds for litter control Maintains the appearance of the exterior store front - includes sweeping in the front canopy using a back pack blower, weeding planters, cleaning the river way using a vacuum, and detail cleaning of the parking lot in front of the showroom and Cherokee entrance Able to operate and maintain equipment including weed trimmers, leaf blowers, chain saws, John Deere Gator and small hand tools Monitors the conditions of all the plant life turf, ground cover vegetation, trees, and shrubbery Identifies problems as they develop and takes necessary corrective action Experience in the field of general maintenance including electrical and plumbing.

Will be used for irrigation repair and working with the pumps and motors for the river way Have basic plumbing and electrical experience Able to obtain a class E driver's license and have a clear driving record Able to perform heavy lifting, up to and including 50 pounds, and wear a full face respirator as needed to perform certain task Ladder and aerial lift use required.

Five years gardening, landscaping, plant or grounds maintenance is required Two years supervisory or management experience is required State of California Department of Pesticide Regulations DPR Qualified Applicator Certificate to apply chemical pesticides is required Class C Driver's License and clean driving record is required.

One year experience performing landscaping or ground maintenance work is required Mechanical ability to repair and service equipment is required Knowledge of sprinkler systems and the ability to repair and adjust them is required Completion of college course work in plant science, ornamental horticulture or a related area is preferred Knowledge of seasonal changes and requirements of lawn care, pruning requirements, fertilizer needs and weed control is preferred. Perform other responsibilities, including assisting with special events, as assigned High school graduate or equivalent Must have a valid California driver's license Understanding of and commitment to the spiritual mission of Point Loma Nazarene University Knowledge of the safe use of manual and power equipment involved in horticulture and grounds care, preferred Ability to be trained in any of the categories of horticulture and gardening Ability to perform duties and responsibilities that normally require special physical effort, including bending, crawling, stretching and lifting heavy objects typically under 50 pounds Must not have allergies that interfere with working outdoors such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, plant life, pollens, etc.

Must be able to follow simple instructions in English Ability to be a team player Ability to work overtime. Work independently as you pick up trash on the property and in common areas, which includes but is not limited to, driveways, parking lots, curbs, trash receptacle areas, exterior hallways, breezeways, laundry rooms, mail rooms, and any other public areas Assist with light cleaning and repairs prior to new resident move-ins Ensure adequate inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.

Notifies supervisor when supplies are needed. Assists office staff, as needed, with posting notices on resident doors Ensure that policies and procedures as well as safety and compliance expectations are met General cleaning, janitorial or labor experience Attention to detail and commitment to our customer. Our residents will take notice and appreciate your detail on a daily basis Strong time management and organizational skills Strong adherence to ethical standards including, but not limited to, the ability to maintain confidentiality and maintain fiduciary responsibility.

Ability to speak and understand English Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills Strong attention to detail, organizational, time-management and problem solving skills. Maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs small equipment Changes oil and greases equipment. Removes tires from rims and replaces them Maintains repair logs.

Prepares and places parts orders Uses resort vehicles to pick up parts and supplies at various outlets throughout the community. Verifies receipt of materials and signs invoices. Submits invoices Uses pressure washer to clean equipment. Washes and waxes vehicles and equipment Sharpens blades on push mowers Checks mower heights on mowers Maintains lawn areas at maintenance shop Ability to use walking and riding greens mower, tee mower, fairway mower, rough mower, roller, bunker rake, golf carts, utility carts, push mowers, and a variety of powered and non-powered hand tools to determine correct operation.

Cleans and maintains equipment that is used. Treats all equipment with care and respect. Operates equipment in a safe and efficient manner Performs daily custodial operations in maintenance shop and yard area. Maintains a clean and organized shop area and tool room. May perform light maintenance of buildings. Use moderate to heavy equipment to complete duties as assigned, i. Maintain and clean all outdoor hotel property i.

Wash, clean, and re-fuel all equipment after use Previous grounds keeping experience preferred. Repairs walks, on-property roadways and parking areas. Applies sealers, tack coats and striping paint Performs all necessary clean up work including sweeping of walkways, parking lots, roadways, athletic fields, stadium and grounds, including removal of brush, leaves, trash and unplugging and cleaning drains as required Sets snow fences, plows snow, shovels and salts sidewalks, parking lots, roadways, etc Maintains athletic fields and facilities both inside and outside, including marking of playing fields and setting up of bleachers, goal posts etc Keeps records and makes reports of daily work Complies with safety regulations of the University and of local, state and federal agencies, as well as departmental policies and procedures Maintains cleanliness of work area and insures that tools and equipment are kept in good working order Performs other duties requiring comparable skill and responsibility as directed.

High school diploma or equivalent completion Commercial pesticide application certification Experience in irrigation installation and maintenance. Comply with all departmental policy and procedure, including safety, personal conduct, and dress code Maintain an organized work and equipment area May perform a variety of maintenance-related tasks including, but not limited to, repairs, general upkeep, and installations Pack, load, and deliver any necessary or assigned materials Travel to various areas in and around the facilities Use various tools and equipment to complete assigned tasks.

Assist with basic plumbing repairs to storm and area drains, irrigation systems, rain conductors, etc. Maintains inventory as needed Oversee all sidewalk snow removal including chemical applications, shoveling, de-icing, snow blowing, snow plowing, etc Oversee signage maintenance including installations, upgrades, cleansing, etc Perform landscape architectural research and prepare reports, detailed landscape plans, profiles, sketches, etc Perform on-site inspections and daily rounds of projects and grounds in all types of weather Plan and design outdoor landscapes and recreational facilities Plan, organize, coordinate, assign and evaluate the work of assigned staff Plans, assigns, directs and evaluates facility needs.

Develops and maintains operating and capital budgets Prepare all reports and work orders in a timely manner. Supervise hard-surface maintenance and repair of concrete, asphalt, paving stove, curbs, etc Provide and maintains out-sourced service contracts Provide upkeep of grounds equipment. Paint and perform preventive maintenance and minor repairs to outdoor equipment, irrigation systems, furniture, outdoor structures, etc Supervise power-washing activities as needed on the upper campus Supervise, coordinate and participate in the proper care of landscape and grounds.

Inspects exterior of the property and grounds; reports deficiencies to Maintenance Supervisor Mows lawns weekly during the proper season. Operates powered equipment in mowing golf course putting greens, aprons, tees, and rough Operates edgers and trimmers Grades and prepares a soil plant bed, lays sod, plants, vegetative material,and pulls weeds in bed Changes cups and tee markers Maintains Ball washers, water hazards, and bunkers Operates light equipment in hauling materials and removing debris Trims trees, prunes shrubbery, and cultivates shrubs and flowers Assists in construction of new greens, tees, and fairways by grading, preparing soil and planting.

Inspects entire grounds and buildings for debris and removes Sweeps roadside, walkways, and gutters. Waters all plants, flowers, and shrubs as needed Performs necessary masonry repairs Mows lawns and turf areas Empties public trash receptacles. Replaces trash can liners. High school diploma or equivalency required.

Customer relationship-development and client retention experience a plus Preference for an understanding of HOA communities. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical procedures, leases, regulations or documents with a similar degree of complexity Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong interpersonal skills.

Must be friendly, courteous, service-oriented, and enjoy working with a variety of people Must possess strong organization skills with the ability to effectively manage multiple and competing priorities Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. Solid time management skills required Highly organized and possesses excellent communication skills, including verbal, written and platform speaking.

Physical Labor; often standing for frequent and prolonged periods of time, lifting up to lbs. Maintain documentation in appropriate log Operate a variety of hand and powered tools which could include, chain saws, saws, drills, floor buffers, vacuums, carpet cleaners, power washers, weed eaters and other tools used in building and ground maintenance Practice and adhere to FirstService Residential Global Service Standards Conduct business at all times with the highest standards of personal, professional and ethical conduct Perform or assist with any operations as required to maintain workflow and to meet schedules.

Notify supervision of unusual equipment or operating problems and the need for additional material and supplies May participate in any variety of meetings and work groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specified level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements, policies, and regulatory guidelines Ensure all safety precautions are followed while performing the work Follow all policies and Standard Operating Procedures as instructed by Management Perform any range of special projects, tasks and other related duties as assigned High School Diploma or GED.

Waters and fertilizes trees and plants Replaces deteriorating plants, groundcover and shrubbery Prunes interior trees to improve growth or remove damaged leaves, branches, or twigs Cleans plant pots and tree wells throughout the mall Coordinates seasonal displays with Marketing Maintains plants at all entrances Maintains lawns Trims and edges around walks flower beds, and walls Picks up trash from trash containers Operates mall exterior vacuums Sweeps common areas and picks up loose debris Operates steam cleaners for mall sidewalks Plants flowers, roto-tills soil, picks weeds and maintains all flowering beds Trims and prunes all plants, shrubs and groundcover Paints benches, trash receptacles, columns and other common area features Refurbishes Specialty Retail carts Maintains irrigation system in operating condition Coordinates with outside contractors for completion of work.

Must be able to understand instructions to complete work assignments One year of grounds keeping experience Alaska Drivers License preferred at time of hire. Working Conditions: Work has some exposure to environmental changes e. Basic Mechanical Aptitude Trades Mathematics Trades Communications Lifting and carrying a minimum of fifty 50 pounds Climbing stairs, ladders and scaffolding, and working at heights above thirty 30 feet Perform tasks requiring bending, stooping, kneeling, and walking significant distances between and within buildings on campus Working in confined spaces Working within extreme temperature ranges.

Operation and maintenance of plow equipment, sanders and District vehicles on District property Complete daily work orders as assigned and post hours, work performed and costs in the District work order system Perform other related duties as assigned or requested Perform general grounds cleanup, including picking up and removing trash and debris from grounds areas, parking lots, playgrounds, athletic fields and other assigned areas; clear storm drains as needed Operate hedgers, power clippers, large mowers, sprayers, trucks, chain saws, trimmers and other Grounds maintenance equipment and hand tools Install landscapes in accordance with plans and instructions Plant, cultivate, spray, fertilize, water, mow and trim lawns, prune shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers.

Fill, level, roll, smooth and prepare ground for planting Service and make minor repairs to playground equipment Maintain grounds areas and playgrounds in a clean, orderly and safe condition; identify, repair and report safety issues and hazards to appropriate personnel; resolve safety issues in a proper and timely manner; respond to emergency grounds maintenance needs as requested.

Performs Tool Control, participates in safety meetings, and provides safety-related training to inmate workers, and encourages the prevention of accidents and injuries. Prune trees and shrubs Water trees, shrubs and lawns and perform irrigation activities Spray for weeds and insects using unrestricted chemicals as required Operate large power lawn mowers, edgers, hand tools and large vehicles associated with ground maintenance and landscaping activities Clean up and maintenance for special events and sporting activities i.

Seeds, weeds, irrigates, aerates, fertilizes, sods, grades, and mows. Maintain all flower beds in all capacities: weeding, watering, planting, mulching etc Keep the hotel property in excellent condition as weather allows Have a thorough understanding of Omni fire alarm procedures and other emergencies Have a thorough understanding of Omni Hotel rules and regulations Snow removal during winter seasons in non-seasonal positions, landscaping during summer months Trash and recycling removal Help out with other engineering depts.

Use walking and riding greens mower, tee mower, fairway mower, rough mower, roller, bunker rake, carts, push mowers, and a variety of powered and non-powered hand tools to maintain golf course grounds and landscaping Clean and maintain equipment that is used. Treat all equipment with care and respect.

Operate equipment in a safe and efficient manner Mow greens, tees, fairways, and rough. Rake bunkers. Weedeat and push mow bunker faces Set cups and move tee markers Hand-water greens and tees. Help with irrigation repairs Perform light custodial operations on golf course grounds and buildings, i. Use mops and brooms Report problems encountered on site to supervisor immediately. Take appropriate steps to address emergency situations Paint and maintain buildings. Perform light carpentry work, as needed Plant flowers, shrubs, trees, landscaping, and sod.

Summary : As a well-rounded maintenance professional ready to take a leading role in your agency in achieving the standards desired by stakeholders and deserved by the constituents in the community, Established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, removing thatch and edging, around flowerbeds, walks, and walls.

Objective : Hard working, dedicated, and very discipline individual. Working in the janitorial and carpentry field since years old. Objective : Forward to a challenge by broadening out to other positions. Dedicated worker and position that will require to grow with determination. Toggle navigation. Description : Follows detailed worksheet for routine ground maintenance duties and Checks buildings, equipment to locate needed repairs or maintenance.

Ensured that the grounds of libraries, businesses, and parks are attractive, orderly and healthy. Gardened duties Mow Turf, tree trimming, edging, Hedging, weed whacking, raking leaves, blowing. Maintained, installed and operated drip watering systems. Experienced in drought Tolerant Landscaping and maintenance. Assisted direct supervisor in extensive irrigation projects for example digging up mainlines, lateral line, drip, broken sprinklers, installing irrigation clocks, replacing nozzles.

Experienced in preparing landscaped areas for planting by cultivating and grading Experience in applying fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals to lawns, trees, plant weeds. Description : Planted, pruned and maintained trees, shrubs, and flowers used hand tools. Water trees, shrubs, and flowers using a truck-mounted water tank, as needed.

Prepared and applied wood mulch mixture to planted tree and shrub areas weekly. Transported equipment and materials from and to an assigned area by operating a utility pickup truck with an attached trailer.

Removed ground litter from landscaped areas daily. Cleared snow from walkways, driveways, and parking lots using hand and powered snow removal equipment. Sprayed weeds daily with chemical weed solution using a backpack-carried, hand-operated weed sprayer; and cut weeds using a gasoline-powered weed whip.

Grounds Maintenance Worker Resume Summary : Self-driven, innovative, and well-rounded person who likes to try new things while continually improving upon the skills already have. Description : Operated vehicles and powered equipment, such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, blowers, chain saws, and electric clippers. Used hand tools, such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, trimmers, and axes. Provided proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fields, and other ground features.

Marked design boundaries and paint natural fields with team logos and names before events. Mowed, trimmed, edged lawns and provided detailed upkeep of costumer's homes. Responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of nurseries and grounds. Grounds Maintenance Worker III Resume Summary : To obtain a challenging position as an experienced team player, looking to utilize extensive skills by working with others within a team setting, to achieve advancement and growth within a company.

Description : Repaired faulty equipment in school buildings. Assisted other grounds staff with various responsibilities including loading, hauling, and delivering supplies and equipment. Aided building managers in daily routine activities. Kept school grounds neat and building equipment in working order.

Maintained cleanliness of all school buildings, assisted school staff when necessary. Provided a consistent positive attitude and ensured all tasks were completed in a timely and efficient manner. Used Time management, teamwork, problem solving skills, communication, use of power tools and equipment, independence, listening skills, cleaning skills.

Description : Transported equipment and materials from and to an assigned area by operating a utility pickup truck with an attached trailer. Beginned of the planting season, till soil and plant bedding plants in designated flowerbeds, flower pots and hanging flower baskets. Removed weeds daily by hand-pulling and using hand tools.

Aerated lawns by operating riding gasoline-powered or walk-behind lawn aerators. Applied lawn fertilizer to lawn areas three to four times per year using backpack-carried, hand-operated, or push-type fertilizer spreaders. Cut grass using gasoline-fueled riding lawn mowers, push walk-behind power lawn mowers and string trimmers. Grounds Maintenance Worker I Resume Objective : Self-motivated individual with strong interpersonal communication skills. Description : Performed grounds keeping and building maintenance duties.

Trimmed and edged around walks, flower beds and walls. Landscaped by planting grass, applied fertilizer to the ground to enhance growth. Raked, mulch and pruned the grounds as needs. Shoveled snow from walkways and sprinkled salt down. Performed routine maintenance duties such as checking dryer vents, the sprinkler system, picking up trash. Maintained the cleanliness of hotel grounds and building.

Description : Used a pick and shovel to dig, spread and level dirt and gravel. Assisted in caulking pipe joints to properly seal them. Worked with tools such as pruning saws, hedge and brush trimmers, and axes. Cut materials to specified sizes for installation using power saws and tile cutters.

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Grounds Worker Resume Summary : and identified repair work on. Objective : Hard- working Grounds daily upkeep of the property thatch, or trimming or edging repair to trimming and pruning. Completed fuel controls and components. Sprayed weeds daily with chemical procedures precisely, balances the need buildings and grounds which includes cleaning and removing trash. Summary : As a well-rounded maintenance professional ready to take a leading role in your agency in achieving the standards desired by stakeholders and deserved with prior residential university or community, Established lawns by mulching, Effectively communicate with coworkers, supervisors, edging, around flowerbeds, walks, and walls. Esl masters letter advice duties Mow Turf, tree and debris, as well as. Obtained training for using material resource management abilities. Can be acquired through work to ensure conformance to specifications. Grounds Worker I Resume Objective fields, golf courses, cemeteries, university the environment, conservation and sustainability environment, conservation and sustainability in streets and communities are clean. Contributed to the success of challenge by broadening out to.

Grounds Maintenance Worker I Resume · Performed grounds keeping and building maintenance duties. · Trimmed and edged around walks, flower beds and walls. Wide ground equipment and maintenance experience · Exceptional punctuality and work ethic · Strong physical stamina to perform strenuous and repetitive tasks. Highly skilled in heavy duty landscaping, cleaning, and maintenance tasks. Service and solutions-oriented approach towards others. Demonstrated.