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My spiritual essay

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I need to depend on God and just pray to him all the time like it says in 1 Thess. I have much to learn and apply. I have been reading in the New Testament and the corresponding student manual recently. I have tried to consider how lessons Christ taught in His ministry relate to our time.

While here on earth, we are to worship and serve Him as Lord and Savior. Everything that we see and do in life shapes our worldview. Thankfully, I grew up in a Christian family and therefore, I have a strong biblical worldview. Sire explains this as pluralism. This consist of bringing others into a relationship with Christ but also having them outwardly announce their relationship with Him and join the community of believers.

Next, we are called to share the Bible with them, and the stories God has given to us to learn from. God wants us to learn what kind of life we are supposed to be living and to share that with the world around us. In sharing the gospel, Jensen and Martel say that we need to be cultivators and restorers. I feel called to cultivate and restore my friends. This was beneficial for those who where illiterate as they could recite and memorise the verses.

Ephesians Reflection on original ideas Prayer has always been an important part of my Christianity. Becoming a Bible College student has encouraged me more in my prayer life. In essence, I am called as a missionary to make disciples of Jesus…. I had some of the best education right in front of me. I had teachers who cared so much for the other students and me.

They wanted to show us the way to a holy life by telling us of God and his works. Through the gospel and other readings, we were given ways to live as Christ did when He was on Earth. However, we never truly understood every lesson and reading that was given to us, we still accepted it. Preaching is an intriguing mixture of inspiration and perspiration. Preaching is a practice and art that can be studied and learned. Preaching is naming grace pointing to the power and presence of God.

Preaching is to speak the word of God in a public place, proclaim it and witness it as an act of faithfulness. The Impact of a Christian Worldview Everyone has a worldview whether it is recognized or not. Our worldview dictates how we live our lives in everything that we say and do in our world today. I could not wait to going into junior high so I could hang out with the teenagers and talk about actual teen issues and how The Bible tells us to handle them. The summer before seventh grade our church had new.

Not going to church or being involved in the church never once came across their mind. My elders and many other older women and men look at church much more than just church. With the connection with Christ, the church as a whole was a family. What have I done to show my generosity to others? I pray for each student in my every class every day, no matter he or she is a Christian or not.

I listen whatever my students want to share with me about their lives patiently and give them my advice from the Bible guiding them in the way they can see the grace from God. I spent a whole week with some youth using reusable materials to finish decoration for VBS event. I spent two months talking to my parents via international calls every midnight, prayed for them, and wanted to let them know how much love they have been receiving from Jesus Christ.

I grew up as a Southern Baptist. One of the reasons Baptists are given this name is because they are not baptized as infants, but when they are old enough to understand the full concept of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior when I was thirteen and made a public profession of my faith by walking to the front of the church one Sunday morning. Many factors in the past have influenced my relationship with God and continue to do so daily.

I also learned exactly how much Paul loved Christ and how far he would go to make Christ proud of him. I become more knowledgeable about the bible and when my eight year-old niece had questions I was able to answer them. Coming to a Christian school and attending Doctor Sims class honestly made me a better person. Before reading The Silas Diary I never knew how significant evangelizing is. Just wanting to learn and pray to strengthen his relationship that he was very excited about. His grandmother is the one who exposed him to Christianity and he was very thankful for that.

His decision to believe Christ for his salvation was decided that day. Growing up as a family we went to church every Sunday and sometimes even twice a week, everyone in my family was a catholic and that was expected from all of us, no questions asked. I even got baptized as a baby and did my first communion when I was about nine years old. I did not mind the expectation from my family when I was little because I loved church, especially the singing.

Then came a time where both of my parents started to work on Sundays, so did my sister, and so my brother and I helped out at my parents restaurant. I have sought encouragement from them and the wisdom they have instilled in me will remain with me for a lifetime.

Another crucial facet of the growing of my faith has been the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization, or FCA for short. I was introduced to FCA my freshman year of high school because my older sister wa It may seem like a simple story now, but it was the moment that turned my life around for the better. After camp, I decided to make a change for Christ and have been persistently seeking His kingdom.

I centered my graduation project on something I care most about because I was involved with my church since I was born. Through activities like a spaghetti dinner in February, Easter fellowship the Saturday of Easter, vacation bible school during the summer, youth babysitting during Christmas, and Christmas caroling these are just a few things I participate in at my church. The first thing I used in my graduation project was the annual spaghetti dinner the path youth does in February around valentines.

I help do things the day before the actual dinner by setting tables up, getting the gymnasium decorated, help prepare food, make the directional sign for where people should go and park, etc… Then the day of I help set the salad out on the salad tables, finish decorating, wrap silverware in napkins, and serve the people when the dinner starts. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.


The doctor who was attending the patient had asked him to make his last wishes. One day in my dreams I saw my in-law recovering. I had a strong feeling that he will make it. Everyone in the society including my relatives was pessimistic about the situation.

I kept on praying for the patient every day. I had a strong connection with the in-law. We have been friends since time in memorial. The illness had affected me emotionally and psychologically. I prayed to God that everything would be alright when the right time comes. Almost all types of medication had refused to work.

Everybody including the doctors had given up due to his conditions. When on a dream, I had my conscience talking to me about the in-law. I dreamt that he had recovered and that he was starting a new life. When I informed the doctor, he said that I was joking. I did not want to inform many of my colleagues since they had all given up on him. The strong feeling kept on haunting me. I kept on believing that he will improve and that his normal condition will be restored. I saw the actual thing happening although it was in dreams.

There was no change in medication. The condition improved fully and the patient was later released from hospital. This happened in a span of two weeks. I believe that my faith helped to free the patient from hospital. He is very health to date. The spiritual experience taught me several things in life.

One of them is that I should always remain optimistic of every situation. This is regardless whether the condition is worse or not. These barriers end up hindering me in doing what I need to do to succeed and be a new person that does not have those restrictions holding me back. In my college years I had to be very fiscally due to the fact that I could not count on anyone to help me out with my expenses. I am not bitter about this fact, quite. I think what caused me to stop believing in religion was when I was still with my father, and I would pray to God to help me to leave him and stop being so depressed, but I felt that it never.

Having ears, we hear not. Having eyes, we see not. And having our hands full, we give not. It is a shame, because we could give, have and enjoy more. In an infinite universe, there cannot be an empty void, a place where God is not. All space, all vessels, all containers must be filled with something.

So, when something is drawn out of one place, more is drawn. One thing that I find interesting about my. Relationships should be built on mutual respect and consideration for one another. Although compromise in a relationship is a necessary component for its success, denying the core of who you are is not.

Speaking from experience, in the end, there will be nothing but resentment and identity-conflict. It has been quite the adjustment not being able to see my baby sister whenever I want, however I am not as distraught as I assumed I would be. Watching you start a new school in a new city, with no familiar faces is an unbelievable challenge that you have conquered.

While I do miss you dearly, seeing you thrive in your new environment has only made me proud.

This affected me deeply.

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My spiritual essay I expected a college level course to be more challenging and it definitely is. I realized counseling is so much more, it is listening and helping the client discover their own truth. Personal Narrative — Atheist Words 3 Pages. He was suffering from a terminal illness. The mental health field has also piqued an interest in the topic of religion and spirituality, and many studies have shown that religiosity and spirituality have a positive relationship with mental health Koenig,
Iphone homework agenda Open Document. On a strict fast, only water is necessary to continue. The Holy Spirit has changed my life and brought God to the forefront for me so that my life has completely changed. End of Life Essay Introduction Spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs and practices play a significant role in the lives of patients who are seriously ill and dying. So, when something is drawn out of one place, more is drawn. Out with the Old, In with the New.
Toefl ibt sample test pdf Read More. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. I also went to church and asked for prayer to help me through this hard time in my life, after that I said to God that I put it in his hands. Published by. Home Page Spiritual Health Essay.
Pay for my cheap content Matthew Risk factors such as age, gender, race and family history play a role in getting breast cancer. It is essential to do Spiritual practices. I remember being at a church camp thinking I had been living exactly how A Christian was supposed to live. The second group Walker et al focused. He then goes on to expand on the consequences of the Basic Argument.
Best cheap essay editing sites for mba The beginning of my faith journey can be described as rocky, at best. However, not only artist, but also scientist wants to keep things which make them feel possible to keep. This kind of shocked all of us because we all thought that we will be tutoring kids, who are in the elementary and middle schools. You were. Without knowing what God is like believers cannot understand who God is.
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