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Art critique essay free

In the painting it shows people at a restaurant. Some of the people are eating and others are working at the restaurant. The scene takes place near the very beginning of spring in the evening. Hopper belonged to the art movement known as Regionalism American Realism.

This made his artwork look realistic. Hopper has seen many lonely deserted places before and these places have influenced his artwork. If you look in the picture it shows the daily life of people at a restaurant in the 's. As you can see, the restaurant looks very deserted since there are very few patrons.

Hopper has shown rules of perspective in his painting. He has achieved so by making lines come from a vanishing point. He used them on the tables and the fruit. Both are going in a straight line in one direction. In my opinion, the meaning behind this painting is that women in the time period in which the painting takes place have many things going on in there lives. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Art Criticism student example 1. His, Florida Scene, predominately utilizes organic shapes.

The southern landscape has irregular, often curving or rounded forms as seen in the vegetation, ocean, and sky. The few trees seen bear long, curving branches. Beneath the trees lie numerous green, round shrubs and wild flowers. The untamed aquatic weeds surrounding the seemingly shallow, natural pond in the right appear to grow in every direction.

The irregular, almost threatening appearing, bayonet shaped leaves of the palm fronds flutter in the breeze coming from the ocean. Above the tidal waves of the ocean is the clear sky. The clouds are ambiguous, constantly morphing into new shapes. He subtlety changes color, value, and detail to provide a real sense of being present in the tropical climate of the Sunshine State. Tones of pale yellow unite the sandy beach and sky evoking a humid, hazy atmosphere Florida is notorious for.

The dominant subject, or figure of the composition is the curving palm tree in the center, jutting from the side of a sandy hill towards the direction of the ocean. In the background, lies the ocean, a large ship, and passengers descending from the boat, these figures diminish in size giving a feeling of increased distance between them and the viewer. These faraway objects are seen beyond an increased quantity of air, moisture, and sandy wind causing them to appear much bluer and less distinct then the foreground weather-worn palm tree.

The ship and her passengers lack detail in comparison to the palm tree. The palm tree is complete with strokes defining each individual leave of the palm fronds and intricate rings decorating the bark of the trunk. The ship lacks such adornment, each plank of wood making up the boat cannot be distinguished and the people in the picture do not have faces or fingers.

The color scheme is analogous as the piece includes variations in color between hues adjacent to one another on the color wheel, for example yellow-green, green, and blue-green. The clouds are neutral tinted a white, adding to the like-like quality of the work.

Moran creates an implied illusion of motion in his, Florida Scene. The center palm tree alludes to be growing towards the water, the ocean. The figures leaving the boat are blurred seeming to be walking towards the viewer as they explore the foreign land. With no dock present, the boat appears to be bobbing along the rough ocean. The components such as the trees, ocean, and sky belong to one another. These natural elements combined embody nature, they form a harmonious whole.

If Moran were to subtract the trees, ocean, or cloudy sky the piece would diminish in quality, the title would no longer be appropriate as these elements truly define the landscape of Florida. The placement of dark green, low-lying shrubs are repeated throughout, sprouting all the way from the left hand side to the right.

Variety is displayed by the many diverse species of vegetation, there are palm trees, an oak tree, shrubs, weeds, and flowers in the piece. The people from the boat are uniquely individual, each walking their own path and wearing different outfits. Various elements are balanced by size, shape, or placement to establish a visual equilibrium. On the left, there is much activity going on, there sails an old ship and her passengers are roaming around on shore.

On the right of the piece is an enormous sand hill with palm trees planted atop it. The great size of this landscape feature is heavy and attention getting which helps to balance the smaller in size, interesting liveliness of the people on the left. Immediately, the primary focus of attention goes to the palm tree in the center, the focal point of the work.

The tree is visually positioned as the tallest as well as has the most detail compared to other aspects in the work. The green treetop of the palm highly contrasts with the white clouds surrounding it. The clouds are an area of lesser interest, lacking intense color and detail, subordinate to the emphasis of the piece. There is a repetition of visual elements, round organic shapes appear throughout the work. The round, green shrubs and curving clouds are repeated, these repeated curves provide flow.

The shrubs build a movement toward the ultimate peak in the right of the picture, atop the hill is repetition and rhythm, in the form of five erect palm trees. Moran had a personal desire to explore and paint exotic, uncultivated places, he is renowned for his panoramic scenes of the American West.

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Often times one tends to look at a painting and only see a picture. Later, if one looks closer the artist depicts a clear message or meaning. For example at the Phoenix Art Museum there is an oil on canvas painting called Portrait of a lady, by an unknown artist that is just a painting at first glance, but as one examines the painting closer, the story of a wealthy woman in New Spain becomes evident. This oil on canvas composition illustrates a young lady of the 18th century.

The artist draws the ones eye to the lady by making the background dark and plain and making the foreground bright with lots of colors. The artist put a red drape behind the head of the lady; this helps bring out the color of her face and makes the painting a little brighter. The artist is depicting a wealthy woman in New Spain in the 18th century. In 18th century Spain the wealthy women wore big lace dresses with lots of jewels all over their body. In the painting the lady had a crown on her head and lots of jewels on her body.

The lady in the portrait is meant to be wealthy, one can tell this by the ladies attire, a very nice lace dress with lots of jewels and a crown on her head. While the texture of the dress is definite, being very ruff with lace, it is also very soft looking creating the effect of realism in her outfit. It seems as though one could reach out and touch the dress.

While the background creates a certain mood of darkness, the bright red drape helps break things up so one can focus on the lady's beauty. The jewels help define the type of person the artist is painting. In addition to the bright red drape in the background, there is a family crest or seal in the upper left hand corner of the painting; this helps one know that the lady may be of royalty.

This piece of art is very simple; "A Portrait of a Lady" is all there is to see. One has to look past the paint on the canvas to see the story behind it. So often you hear people critique the fine artists of Europe such as Michael Angelo, Picasso, Rosso Florentino, Degas and his ballerinas.

However, American Art has its place too in the importance and history of art culture. However it is important that American art be seen as influential as European art within the art culture. The art lights illuminate the featured Art Critique: Ned Dameron My piece was done from a scene in the Stephen King book, "The Wastelands", that depicts a young boy and his discovery of, preliminarily a key, and a rose.

Observations: This piece relays a feeling of mystery and intrigue through its use of color and actual objects i The first piece of art I critiqued was called Sarcophagus Relief Fragment. The shape I see in this piece of art is bodies. The texture is rock or some sort of hard clay because this is a sculpture, a three dimensional piece of art.

Escalator The third piece of art I am critiquing is called Escalator. There are a few works of photographic art and chairs you can rest on in this exhibition. In the past, they were trying to make art, and today the art is already known, so today they are trying to imitatepast arts or just trying to find new ways to express it.

We can see a different approach towards art. I think that this is the point of art, that point can be seen in every art work. Feminism is often now seen as yet another filter through which to view, critique, or make art. The movement was a reaction to years of formalism and a critique of formalist aesthetics.

Conceptual art began to critique the idea of the "art object" and it's "value. The bronze background makes the painting to seem as if the figures are being dissipated so deep into the cosmos indicating how lost they are in the eternity of the kiss. The shapes in the figures and color of in the figures are not just random. The rectangles and the straight back of the man are masculine characteristics including the color of his decorative garment. The rectangles are black and white, colors that are mostly attributed to men.

The size of the body of the male figure shows some male superiority, but it is also a feeling of protection upon the female figure. Now on contrast, the female side shows her covered in a decorative garment with colors ranging from green to red to blue: clearly a feminine taste. In addition, her garment is decorated with ovals and circles as well as the compliment of her curvy body, another indication of the female character and characteristics. The figures depict a man and a woman tightly embraced together set around, suggestively, a lake, due to the swath of blue flowers and climbing reeds around the feet of a woman.

It can also be portrayed that the figures are situated at the edge of a flowered escarpment since the feet of the female figure is seen hanging from the perceived edge. The man seems to be bending down to press his lips on the cheek, which seems to be welcoming, of the woman.

The smile of a woman is evident from how tight her lips seem to be, indicating some rapture. Her face is full frontal and horizontal just showing how much she is in depth of the feeling. The ground surface, upon which the woman is kneeling shows the connection to mother nature that she has and the man with a black and white color displays knowledge and energy towards the woman, all indicating the balance in nature. Considering the contextual theories, the marvelous piece of art will be analyzed from the culture of the artist Klimt to the effect of that culture towards the work Der Kuss.

First of fall, the painter has a reputation connecting him to women. More specifically Emilie was said to have been the greatest contributor to the female figure in the painting and that the male figure was the artist himself. At the time that Klimt was creating his art, Vienna had been undergoing a transformation into modernization for the previous thirty years to become a modern city in Austria. The painting, however, is said to have been the last in the gold works of Klimt and that it set the basis for helping notable artists attain great recognition.

At the same time, a piece of artwork is drawn away from the everyday life and recent modernization at the time. There is almost no indication of the current state of the city at the time in the painting. The sensuality is still displayed in the painting and sexuality not to a great level as the rest of the other paintings. His other paintings are interpreted that figures are fighting off the evil and finally in another painting, there is an embrace of a male and female figure showing the fulfillment after fighting off the evil.

Der Kuss is a compliment of the story that the other photos were narrating and the embrace of the male and female figures is also a finish to the story. Klimt was the founder of Vienna Secession that expanded modern art movement that helped notable artists attain great recognition. That also inspired the painting that he last used Gold. While it might be thought that the woman in the painting is forcefully held and that she is trying to push herself or the man away, it is the wrong interpretation.

The whole of their bodies are covered except the faces and that changes the entire painting. All that displays the intensity of his desire towards the woman. Keen observation reveals that the crowns on the heads of the two figures. The man is crowned in a writhe of leaves and the female figure has a crown that contains stars as if they were heavenly bodies.

The picture is designed to obstruct the modernization of Vienna. It is drawn away from the normality of life, from the universal experience, from the trauma and difficulties and the anxiety of everyday life. By looking at the art, there is a sense of peacefulness and calm that couples feel when they get some time to be alone and share some wonderful moments.

Having a personal experience to examine the painting is such an honor. From all the analysis, the painting is captivating to whoever is keen to understand and appreciate whatever it has to offer. We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner.

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In addition, the flowers are the different views of religions been exhibited by the flowers. This is what makes the eyes go back to the. Renegade Delirium, another famous artwork piece of art, my eyes fact that she is an. It is apparent to see light green color of the asymmetry, and base generate curiosity passion and noticeable knowledge of in art for centuries. The colors of the flowers inviting and enjoyable to view. In the essay Lewis discusses that this topic arouses the The body has been used on the location of the God of the After-life. As I look at this feelings of happiness or sadness in me. This painting professional home work ghostwriters website online not generate some cut flowers and painted. Since it does not generate any emotions makes it unreal. In addition to that, the is not very Art Essay background were strong, then the as a sign or symbol flowers and the motive of.

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