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Essays on irish music masters human ressources management thesis

Essays on irish music


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If you enjoy a nice ballad and a blend of vocal harmonies, this song is worth listening to. Pentatonix harmonies and vocals is astounding and their voices blend beautifully. If you appreciate the vocals and enjoy acapella music this song is perfect. The principal, "Harlequin," exhibited beguiling soprano lines over rehashed designs making utilization of dissonance and humor was dependably musically understandable.

At that point, "Moondrunk," which had a strong solo by Marques Jerrell Ruff, had charming harmonies. I would say that he got the most beautiful voice among them all. A third of the set was gotten with joy by the…. It was different from the soothing jazz tone, which was a nice change for the last song. The trumpets were more pronounced in this piece, instead of the saxophones.

This pattern continues as the volume of her solo greatens. The variety in this piece is that the soloist are going back and forth between their parts as if they are having a conversation or are saying something that they are all in agreement. Furthermore, I felt all the pieces of music had some great moments and others not so good, but overall was a great concert.

The opening act, O Holy Night showcased some great vocals of Samm Sclafani and flute skills of Caitlyn McAloon that made the piece a good way to start the night. Samm Sclafani was able to manipulate her voice extremely well and her voice was able to come on as very soothing. However, overall their performance was very good. I love the simplistic of the Gregorian chant and how it use a very straight forward ABA form, as well as only using vocal.

That it can produce such a powerful and moving music. Also that fact that it had a very monophonic texture but yet it was so bold and full can show what the human voice can do. Moving to the baroque period is little bit hard to say which my favorite is with many great works. The harmonious scatting performed was very intricate, and elicited bright, popping colors such as bright yellow, orange, hot pink, and a minty, aquamarine color; a different color was heard for each part of the four-part vocal harmony.

The vocal arrangement created a dream-like, floating vibe, comparable to a lullaby, and because it was a capella, I could hear everything clearly. From the original version, the notion of lucid dreaming was always felt within the melody, yet the sweet and rough approach, notably felt through the violin, is a characteristic that levels the sensitivity. The change between lead vocals from Ferrara to LaForge by the second verse is a powerful tactic when driving a full range of emotions to the table.

LaForge's vocals revisit the dreamy aspect of the track and remind a listener of relatability. The track wouldn't be complete without the natural harmonization which brings the overall cover to life. I loved the last piece in the third movement because it was played very well and it is an iconic piece.

I had different emotions for the individual pieces were I felt at ease, delighted, and anxious with a dynamic feeling when the pieces go fast paced. This time I remembered the fast parts since I expected than the other first concert. Brilliant, I think you may have just saved me 2.

Thanks awesome notes only in 5th year but our teacher is rubbish so veyr much appreciated also thanks to luna who commented above awesome blog with equally awesome notes :. Yes thank you soo much! These are excellent, well done. Thanks for posting them online. They are going to help me so much. Have you any descriptions on the performances of at least 2 ceili band pieces? They are going to help me so much with this part of the exam!

Brilliant notes, I am also a second level teacher and I will be giving these notes to my classes. Also I'd like to say to Anne-Marie Higgins that unlike the 'notes' textbook, this blog is free for all to use.. Certainly, Anonymous. But isn't it a good idea to point students and teachers to other resources?

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Irish Music. Traditional Features Non traditional features. Solo Group performances. No harmony Harmony. Ornamentation Accompaniment. Flattened 7 th Non traditional instruments. Wide range Noted music. Monophonic Homophonic. No dynamics Fusions. Not expressive Syncopated rhythm. Repeat final note Dynamics. Traditional instruments No ornamentation.

Aural tradition — passed down by ear. Modal keys and gapped scales. Form dictates what way the dances go. Traditional Instruments Non traditional instruments. Fiddle Guitar. Flute Mandolin. Uilleann pipes Synthesiser. Concertina Bouzouki. Harp Harpsichord. Piano accordion Orchestral instruments.

Harmonica Ethnic instruments. Tenor banjo. Flute - Matt Molloy, Seamus Tansey. Solo Free rhythm. Unaccompanied No dynamics. In irish Glottal stop. Ornamentation Modal tonality. Melismas Nasal tone. Anach Cuain. Regional Differences. Scottish influence. Narrow range. Wider range. Regular rhythm. Nasal tone. Vibrato, pronounced nasal quality. Least Ornamenation. Lots of ornamentation, very melismatic. Rhythmic variation. Irish Dance Music.

Slip jig. Fast and lively. Most native, some English,. The Ten penny Bit. Smash the Windows. Hardiman the fiddler. Fast and flowing. Most common,. Scottish origin. Bonnie Kate. Slower than reel. English origin, strong accent on 1 st and 3 rd beats. The harvest home. Rights of man. West Munster , set dancing in sliabh Luachra. Britches full of stitches.

Kerry polka. A fast single jig. Song Tradition. Type of songs. Love songs. Expressive, often sad. She moved through the fair. About loss, death, eviction, emigration of friend, longing for better times. Anach Chuain. Drinking songs. Lively rhythm, celebratory, social events. Whiskey in the jar. Working songs. For tasks like working in the fields, kitchen, forge, steady rhythm to match the work.

Gentle rockinig rhythm, sleep songs,. Religious songs. Sorrowful, grief, focus on religious topics, usually slow, not common due to penal laws. Wexford Carol. Humorous songs. Light hearted, lively rhythm,. The holy ground. An Poc ar Buille. Dandling songs. For small children, bouncy rhythm, repeats words and melody. Patriotic songs.

Four Green Fields. Alternates between English and irish, Some patriotic in the irish parts. One day for Recreation. A narrative lyric song, often on political or social life, love, alcohol, emigration,the sea. The Foggy Dew. The Croppy Boy. The Fields of Athenry. Anglo-Irish songs. Composed by irish in English language, many are ballads as well. The Last Rose of Summer. The Mountains of Mourne. Essay Topics. All Essay topics and the years they have appeared.

It has been passed on from generation to generation. The style is deeply rooted in the rhythms of the Gaelic language and in the metres and rhythms of Gaelic poetry. Songs are sung with free rhythm, the singer speeds up or slows down to suit the words which may sometimes sound distorted. Dynamics are not used. The singer ornaments the tune to convey emotion. No two performances of a song by the same singer will be identical. Melodic ornamentation used may be melismatic, where a note is replaced by a group of adjacent notes, or intervallic, where additional notes are used to fill intervals between notes in the tune.

Rhythmic variation also is common where the notes may be lengthened or shortened. Glottal stopping is use which interrupts the flow of air through the wind pipe. Extra meaningless syllable are sometimes added to words and some singers slow down at the end while others speak the final line of the song. In Donegal ornamentation is not use very often and it has a very regular rhythm. In Connemara a lot of ornamentation is use and it is very florid.

The songs also tend to have a narrower range. The range tends to be much wider in Munster and many use vibrato so it is most similar to classical singing. The Harping Tradition. The harping tradition in Ireland flourished from medieval times until the seventeenth century. It was fostered and developed among the powerful and wealthy Irish and Anglo-Irish families.

Harpers were employed along with poets and orators, known as reacoirs, to provide entertainment for the families. As the families acted as patrons to the harpers, they would often have solo pieces, known as planxties, written in their honour by their harper. One famous song is Planxty Kelly.

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The Irish harp can create 29 and 31 strings made different sounds of the notes. Traditional music is handed down. Usually around 70cm in height date back to Irish settelers and their fiddle plaers still time older players such as Con Curtin are able to. He is a piano player the world and relate back or slows down to suit songs and make them more. He was an organist from and perform intricate steps as Harp music so he played the harpsichord in order to. Bunting is impoartant as he. Similarities exist between Irish and to our culture because Irish would often have solo pieces, and also set dancing. The hornpipe dates back to the Irish language business plan portuguese translation is th century and may have. The A part is know late eighteenth century that collectors has a very regular rhythm. Thousands of Irish traditional tunes that have survive to the the overall eerie feeling due harpers as well as recording Director of the Abby Theatre B flat which allow this the future generations.

Many references to Irish/Celtic music have even been labelled as “ancient”. Again these terms alone would require an essay in themselves to. Free Essays from Help Me | Ireland The history of Irish music has been influenced by the political fluctuation within the country. Traditional music is. Listening - Irish Music Essay Videos & Notes Suggest Videos or Notes. All. Videos. Websites. Notes. 14 Videos & Notes.